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Systagenix is an organization dedicated to wound management and it is committed to the constant development of its products under evidence-based medicine. As a result of its expertise, the company has built reliability with their customers over the years. Its wound management product offering is vast and varied, ranging from products that accelerate healing, to products that prevent penetration of foreign contaminants.
Based on the United Kingdom, Systagenix’s skills and knowledge in wound management has benefited greatly medical specialists. It accomplishes to fulfill customer expectations by delivering products which adapt to today’s necessities, and enable patients to lead a prosperous recovery.

Systagenix Dressing Options
Adaptic Dressing
Applied directly to the wound, the ADAPTIC Dressing is infused in petroleum jelly. This element allows the dressing to be removed easily without inducing harm. Some advantages of this product, include:

  • It shields the wound from further damage
  • It protects the skin tissue around the wound
  • It accelerates wound healing
The ADAPTIC Dressing can be employed on different types of wounds, whether they are draining heavily or are free from moisture. Additionally, it can be adapted to the area being applied without the risk of it tearing apart.

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Adaptic Touch Dressing
Designed to be employed as a first dressing, the ADAPTIC TOUCH can be employed over wounds that produce different levels of exudate and that vary in deepness. This user-friendly dressing does not stick to the wound, therefore minimizing wound harm and discomfort.

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Fibracol Plus
Available in four different sizes, the FIBRACOL Plus dressing utilizes two elements that keep the area moisturized and free from bacteria, collagen and alginic acid. Each of these two elements brings a different benefit to the wound healing process.

  • Collagen stimulates the restructuring and growth of new skin
  • Alginic acid provides a gel coating that keeps the skin moisturized

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Promogran Dressing
The PROMOGRAN Dressing ensures the protection of new skin tissue being formed since it is capable of maintaining a moisturized setting. When in contact with wound fluids, this dressing instantly absorbs them and transforms them into a dense liquid which spreads onto the whole wound. This hexagon-shaped dressing has gone through a number of professional tests. These tests have proven that the two elements - ORC and collagen- employed to support wound healing are effective.

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Actisorb Silver 220
The ACTISORB Silver 220 dressing keeps exterior contaminants away from the wound area. It is also effective in retaining unpleasant smells that originate from the wound. This dressing has been confirmed to protect wounds from over 100 different damaging bacterium. When it comes to its composition, the dressing employs silver as one of the main components, although its sheath is made out of nylon.

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Bioclusive Plus
Impervious to water and clear, the BIOCLUSIVE Plus dressing protects the wound against harmful microorganisms. It should be used over low-drainage wounds, either directly in contact with them or to support other appliances. It is extremely convenient, since it can be adapted according to the patient’s need. In addition, this adherent dressing can be detached as a whole and leaves almost no residue.

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Biosorb Gelling Fiber Dressing
Ideal for exuding wounds, the BIOSORB Gelling Fiber Dressing possesses an absorbing capacity higher than similar appliances. It is durable, and when exposed to moisture it doesn’t unravel. It does not attach heavily on the wound, therefore minimizing wound trauma and discomfort when detached. In addition, the dressing aids in the recovery process by maintaining an incredibly beneficial wound setting.

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Nu-Derm Hydrocolloid Dressings
Available in a number of forms and dimensions, NU-DERM Hydrocolloid Dressings restrict the passage of liquids while allowing vapor moisture to pass through. This adaptable dressing acts gently on the skin and should be employed over low-drainage wounds. It is clear enough to allow for visibility of the wound surface, while its width is consistent throughout the whole dressing.

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Tielle Essential
TIELLE ESSENTIAL dressings are designed for different types of wounds, ranging from skin sores to surgical incisions. They are moisture and vapor permeable, therefore setting a beneficial surrounding for wound recovery. This foam dressing comes in a variety of alternatives, including:

  • A non-adhesive option
  • A self-adhesive option
  • A silicone option

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Designed for the treatment of wounds that are not quick to heal, the SILVERCEL dressing provides protection against several damaging microorganisms. According to the wound drainage level, the dressing can be used up to a week without compromising its effectiveness. It is highly resistant as well as easy to take off, even when exposed to moisture. Additionally, this dressing is capable of containing and managing heavily exuding wounds without affecting periwound skin.

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