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Smith & Nephew is a medical equipment company that employs several innovative approaches to support medical care all over the world. The company through its state-of-the-art R&D strategy, produces a number of medical goods that are distributed worldwide.  It is a truly global business since it employs thousands of employees in different countries. It possesses a strong presence in a number of medical procedures, including conditions involving the musculoskeletal system, wound recovery, sports and exercise injuries, and joint prosthesis.

Smith & Nephew Compression Bandage Options

PROFORE is a four tier compression bandage system ideal for treating medical issues, such as Stasis ulcers. The amount of pressure can be adapted according to each user’s necessity. Every element needed to achieve the desired pressure is included on the kit. This is a long-lasting system that can be used up to a week and still provide effective pressure on the area, even when fluids are coming out of the wound.

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Infused with Zinc, the VISCOPASTE Bandage is ideal for treating ulcers. It is gentle on the skin while it also offers comfort. The bandage maintains its damp nature, therefore making it simpler to detach from the area.

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Smith & Nephew Wound Contact Layer Options
Conformant 2
Available in several sizes, the CONFORMANT 2 is a primary dressing that should be applied directly on the wound and below a secondary gauze. This dressing is free from bacteria and the fabric allows vapor to pass through. It can be employed on partial-thickness wounds and on full-thickness wounds (under doctor recommendation) with a secondary dressing capable of soaking up liquid easily. The wound veil offers numerous advantages, such as:

  • It does not stick on the wound
  • It allows liquids to pass through
  • It is clear to allow for wound visibility
  • It can be easily managed
  • It can be used over new skin tissue without causing trauma

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ACTICOAT dressings kill and inhibit the development of microorganisms on a wide array of wounds, ranging from superficial to deep wounds. They employ silver as one of its components because of its ability to rapidly reduce damaging microorganisms. The product is durable, as a result it still accomplishes the same results after days of being used. These dressings are available in four options:
  • ACTICOAT Absorbent
  • ACTICOAT Flex 3 & 7

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The COVRSITE dressing is ideal for treating different type of wounds and should be employed on top of other appliances. It can also be used as a substitute to adhesive instruments. Some advantages of this dressing, includes:
  • It is not easily affected by water
  • It can be stretched out
  • It conforms to body contours
The dressing is also available in the COVERSITE Plus option. This option offers the same benefits as the COVRSITE version, however it is completely impervious to water and can be used directly in contact with the wound.

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Smith & Nephew Hydrogel Dressing Options
Intrasite Gel
INTRASITE Gel is ideal for managing small wounds in different phases of recovery. Its design allows the gel to provide the most favorable setting for wound healing. One of the main advantages of this item is its ability to restore dead tissue, as well as its proficiency when removing damaged and infected tissue.  Since it does not stick onto the wound, the product can be taken off without disturbing periwound area or new tissue being formed.

Solosite Gel
The SOLOSITE Gel is used for keeping skin moisturized while retaining the fluids coming out of the wound.  This gel promotes wound healing, since it acts tenderly on new tissue and does not irritate the skin. It is ideal for treating wounds that cause damage restrictively to the epidermis, such as superficial cuts and minor injuries on the skin tissue.  To treat full-thickness wounds this gel can only be used under doctor recommendation. Full thickness wounds that can be treated with this gel include venous stasis ulcers and bedsores.

Solosite Conformable
The use of the SOLOSITE Conformable gel is restricted to its application on wounds affecting solely the skin. This product maintains a slightly damp setting that contributes to rapid wound recovery. It is not unusual for regular wound gels to accumulate at the bottom of the area, therefore leaving the top of the wound untreated. This conformable gel, unlike regular gels, acts effectively on the top layer of the wound and it doesn’t pile around on one section.

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Smith & Nephew Film Dressing Options
Opsite Films
The OPSITE Films dressing is designed for wounds affecting the outer skin layers. It sets the optimal healing setting and it is breathable, as a result moisture vaporizes when in excess. It is incredibly resistant, since it does not allow water penetration and can be used for a week without deteriorating. This adherent dressing can be used either directly in contact with the wound or on top of other appliances. Although it is user-friendly, it conforms to body contours.

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The IV3000 is a clear adherent dressing designed for intravenous catheter applications. It supports safety by setting a layer between catheter area insertion and its surroundings. The dressing limits microorganisms from evolving, and it inhibits the pooling of liquids.  Even though the film dressing fixes itself onto the area applied, its design allows it to be detached without inducing trauma or getting in the way of patient mobility. It acts gently on the skin, therefore providing physical ease and preventing the development of skin conditions.

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Smith & Nephew Absorbent Dressing Options

Ideal for treating a wide range of wounds, ALLEVYN dressings are adaptable and come in a variety of options. These dressings have been in a state of constant development, different materials as well as appearances provide a wide range of choices to suit the requirements of every patient. Allevyn dressings are available in two options:

  • ALLEVYN Life
  • ALLEVYN Classic
The ALLEVYN classic includes its own array of products, including:

  • ALLEVYN Adhesive
  • ALLEVYN Non-Adhesive
  • ALLEVYN Gentle
  • ALLEVYN Gentle Border
  • ALLEVYN Gentle Border Lite

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DURAFIBER dressing’s technology and material allow it to manage a significant amount of body fluids. This low-lint dressing can be detached from the wound without inducing further harm to the patient. Its fabric allows it to absorb liquid from the wound area easily, therefore minimizing skin exposure to excessive amounts of moisture. In addition, this dressing prevents the penetration and transfer of damaging microorganisms.

Iodosorb / Iodoflex
IODOSORB / IODOFLEX comes either as a gel or a pad.  It acts effectively on wounds that produce a substantial amount of exudate, since it establishes an optimal setting for wound recovery. It aids in wound recovery by:

  • Killing and inhibiting the growth of harming microorganisms
  • Supporting wound debridement

PRIMAPORE is a two tier dressing that unites a permeable pad and an outer adaptable tier that secures the item on its position. It prevents wound site infection as well as water penetration. It should be applied after a surgical incision has been made, however it can be used directly in contact with the wound or on top of other appliances.  This dressing is not unpleasant to wear and it is unlikely to induce skin irritation.

Opsite Post-Op
The OPSITE Post-Op is an ideal dressing for the treatment of surgical incisions and small wounds. It allows for enough vapor to moisten the area, however when in presence of an overabundance of humidity it evaporates. It is durable, therefore it reduces the number of dressings needed throughout the healing process. In addition, this adaptable product does not allow water penetration.

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