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Sempermed is a juggernaut in glove manufacturing as a result of its experienced and tech-oriented development team. The company dedicates to the market of industry-specific gloves and healthcare gloves. Its quality products help it build credibility and trust, as well as raise the bar in glove manufacturing globally. Sempermed  ensures customer's well-being and security by testing the gloves. After almost a century in the business, the company has not reduced its efforts to uncover cutting-edge and superior products.

Sempermed Glove Options
Sempercare Vinyl Examination Gloves

Specially geared towards those who suffer from sensitive skin and when in contact with natural rubber latex have an allergic reaction. Sempercare Vinyl Examination Gloves are a viable alternative to natural rubber latex since they possess similar qualities. Even though vinyl gloves are incredibly strong and resistant, they are still flexible and do not interfere with tactility.

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Sempermed Supreme Surgical Gloves


Sempermed Supreme Surgical Gloves are ideal for medical procedures since they are comfortable and minimize tiredness in the hands. Due care between the patient and the surgeon’s hands are crucial when it comes to patient safety in surgical procedures, these gloves provide that as well as increased protection. In addition, they don’t employ any powder with the purpose of reducing potential skin reactions.

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Polymed Latex Examination Gloves

POLYMED Latex Examination Gloves mix human-made polymers and latex in order to provide with the flexibility that latex offers, along with the firmness of polymers. However, a simple mixing process is not employed to unite these two elements, instead it goes through a heat blending process to achieve an effective outcome.


Synthetic Vinyl Examination Gloves

Synthetic Vinyl Examination Gloves are ideal when the person being treated or the health practitioner can be potentially affected by the use of latex.
Some of the characteristics of these gloves include:

  • They minimize tiredness on the hands
  • They conform to hand contours
  • They do not get in the way of tactility

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Sempershield Extended Cuff Nitrile Examination Gloves

Sempershield EXTENDED CUFF Nitrile Examination Gloves are ideal for at-risk situations in which extra care is necessary. They possess a roughened surface in order to enhance the user’s gripping ability, however they don’t interfere with the user’s tactility.


Sempersure Nitrile Examination Gloves

SemperSure Nitrile Examination gloves are specially geared towards those who have a sensitive skin type that is prone to irritation. Usually nitrile gloves employ a chemical element known as sulfur for its fabrication, however these gloves don’t employ that chemical in order to minimize the risk of inducing some kind of allergic reaction

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Starmed Latex Examination Gloves

StarMed Latex Examination Gloves possess numerous positive attributes. They guard the body from any potential harm, while they are comfortable to wear. In addition, they are resistant as well as adaptable, as a result they are easy to put on.

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Starmed Plus Nitrile Examination

Incredibly sturdy and easy to maneuver, StarMed Plus Nitrile Examination Gloves don’t contain any latex or powder. The end part of the sleeve is beaded, as a result it minimizes skin irritation. Available from extra-small to extra-large, its technology allows the glove to adapt to the hands as if it was custom made and provides maximum mobility to act as ordinarily as possible. In addition, each glove can be employed on the left or right hand.

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Starmed Sterile Nitrile Gloves

Specifically conceived for medical settings in which a sterilized glove is needed to engage in some type of procedure, StarMed Sterile Nitrile Gloves adapt to the hands while ensuring protection and tactility. They are regularly employed in wound management and on traumatic injuries, as well as  in a wide variety of settings, including:
  • Burn units
  • Intensive Care Units
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Emergency care

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Best Touch Latex With Aloe Vera & Vitamin E

Best Touch LATEX with Aloe Vera & Vitamin E gloves possess a unique combination that provides with a gentle touch, this minimizes the chances of inducing any type of harm on the skin. The combination of these two elements also supports comfortability, while the Vitamin E inhibits oxidation as result increasing the level of safety.

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Best Touch Nitrile With Aloe Vera BEST & Vitamin E

The container of the Best Touch NITRILE with Aloe Vera & Vitamin E gloves is incredibly convenient, since its storing capacity is higher than that of regular gloves while it also preserves the gloves quality. The mix of Aloe Vera & Vitamin E these gloves employ provides the following benefits:
  • It minimizes the risk of developing conditions, such as contact induced allergies or rashes
  • It allows for tactility
  • It is gentle on the skin

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