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Mölnlycke is a worldwide entity dedicated to developing products that create a positive impact on surgical assistance and wound recovery. The company strives towards providing medical practitioners with the  necessary  equipment to achieve the most efficient and cost-effective results. It aims to accomplish maximum customer satisfaction. That is why with every action undertaken, customers and consumers are present.
Even though Mölnlycke is one of the most notable companies in its field, it is still devoted to creating products which deliver the optimal results.

Mölnlycke Foam Dressing Options

Mepilex Heel
Intended to protect the heel from any potential irritation or harm, the Mepilex Heel dressing is designed to achieve maximum comfort and should be placed around the heel under a secondary dressing. This adaptable dressing accelerates the wound healing process, and can be employed for treating foot ulcers caused by diabetes and bedsores.Some characteristics of the Mepilex Heel dressing include:

  • It can be employed on partial-thickness and full-thickness wounds
  • It does not adhere on the wound
  • It is gentle on the skin
It can be easily taken off as a result it reduces harm and pain.

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Mepilex XT
Comfortable to wear, as well as highly effective, the Mepilex XT is ideal for treating wounds that produce different amounts of exudate. It is especially effective on those wounds with fluids that are substantial. The dressing is highly durable, as a result it can be employed for longer than regular dressings without breaking apart.

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Mepilex Border
Mepilex Border dressings are designed for an array of different wounds. They create an ideal setting on wounds that produce a considerable amount of exudate. Mepilex Border dressings are also:

  • Non-irritating- they reduce the risk of inducing additional harm on the wound. 
  • Anti-leak- they prevent wound fluids from passing through the dressing and onto the skin or clothes around the dressing.
  • Convenient- they can minimize the chance of developing bedsores, if due care is taken.

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Mepilex Border Sacrum
The Mepilex Border Sacrum should be employed over substantially exuding wounds presented at the bottom of the spine in order to:

  • Avoid the development of bedsores
  • Set up a damp setting ideal for recovery

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Mepilex Border Heel
The Mepilex Border Heel is a multi-layered dressing specifically structured to adapt to the heel. As a result, it is ideal for managing several conditions that affect the heel while shielding it from further harm. The dressing fixes itself on the area, however it does not inhibit the user’s ability to move since it conforms perfectly to the heel.

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Mepilex Border Flex
Ideal for the treatment of different ulcers, the Mepilex Border Flex is flexible and molds itself to difficult body parts, such as joints. Its ovoid form allows the dressing to fix itself onto the area and provides maximum adaptability.

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Lyofoam Max
Designed for the treatment of considerably exuding wounds, the Lyofoam Max dressing is capable of managing a great amount of exudate since it is incredibly absorbing. This conforming dressing should be used directly in contact with the wound and below a proper bandage. As an added advantage, it prevents water penetration and can be employed below great amounts of pressure.

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Mölnlycke Island Dressing Options
With a liquid absorptive capacity, the Mepore dressing’s adhesive attaches perfectly on the skin. However, it provides with enough room between the pad and the wound to prevent wound trauma. This dressing is durable as well as user-friendly, and it is ideal for treating minor wounds.

BuyMepore Dressing
Alldress dressings can be applied directly on top of the wound or as a bandage on top of other appliances. The surface of the dressing maintains a damp wound setting, while it also guards it from germs. Additionally, its pad is very absorbent in order to prevent damage on the periwound. Although it adheres onto the area being applied, the Alldress dressing does not stick onto the wound, therefore minimizing potential harm when removing the dressing.

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