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McKesson is committed to delivering innovative products in today’s fast paced environment. It works along different health providers to create a close-knit community. The company aims to deliver products that will benefit the medical field in general and it is not afraid to take chances, in terms of product development. The organization is highly encompassing in the medical field, as a result its activities can simultaneously benefit a wide number of health providers. McKesson works towards the benefit and sustainability of the medical and healthcare community. 

McKesson Wound Dressing Options

Xeroform Petrolatum Dressings
Xeroform Petrolatum Dressings are used directly in contact with wounds that produce very little exudate or nothing at all. The product benefits recovery as a result of the following reasons:
  • Sets a damp environment in order to aid in the healing process
  • Prevents bacteria development inside the dressing
  • Minimizes the potential for further harm
  • Conceals any odor that might arise from the wound

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Hydrogel Dressings

Available in many forms including:
  • Hydrogel Amorphous Wound Dressings
  • Hydrogel Impregnated Gauze Dressings
  • Hydrogel Sheet Dressings
Hydrogel dressings are beneficial for a rapid recovery since they keep a moisturized setting. When it comes to its application, they should be placed directly in contact with wounds that are not exuding heavily.

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Transparent Film Dressings
Slim and impervious to water, Transparent Film Dressings can be employed on wounds with dead skin tissue in order to support its recovery. It can be placed either directly on top of the wound or as a cover dressing. The dressing is breathable as well as clear, in order to keep an eye on the wound condition.

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Hydrocolloid Dressings

Clear enough to allow monitoring, Hydrocolloid Dressings can be placed directly on top of the wound or on top of other dressings. They are beneficial for treating superficial and deep wounds, since its design allows the dressing to use the fluids that filter from the wound, to then form a cushioned protection throughout the whole dressing. Additionally, the dressing is highly resistant, therefore it fixes itself on the area being applied and does not disintegrate.

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Silicone Adhesive Foams

Silicone Adhesive Foams can be employed over a variety of different wounds, either as a first or a cover dressing. Although the foam dressing adheres firmly on the area being applied, it does not stick onto the wound, therefore minimizing the risk of further damage. Silicone Adhesive Foams are moisture and vapor permeable, however its borders are adherent and do not allow exterior contaminants to pass through.

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Calcium Alginates Dressings
Ideal for wounds that produce a considerable amount of exudate, the alginate employed to fabricate these dressings is extracted from Marine macroalgae. Calcium Alginate Dressings benefit the process of healing due to their absorptive capabilities, it helps maintaining a moisturized environment without oversaturating the wound. If oversaturated, the alginate then transforms into a solid jelly-like soothing substance.

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Island Dressings
Island Dressings combine the features of both, gauzes and adhesives, into a single product. They are designed for wounds which are slightly exuding, either to be applied directly in contact with the wound itself or to secure other dressings.       

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Barrier Island Dressings

This adjustable, layered, and sterilized dressing allows for maximum mobility and comfortability.  It has the ability to be employed as both, a primary or secondary dressing, also it can be applied on wounds with minimal drainage. Additionally, Barrier Island Dressings employ a gauze pad which is bordered by a slim adherent layer.
The gauze pad possesses the following characteristics:
  • Absorptive
  • Does not stick on the wound
Whereas the slim adherent layer offers the following features:
  • Does not allow bacteria to get into the wound
  • Moderately prevents liquid penetration
  • Can be used while showering
  • Moisture and vapor permeable

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McKesson Compression Dressing Options

Unna Boot / Unna Boot With Calamine
Made out of gauze, the Unna Boot dressing is infused in Zinc Oxide which is highly beneficial for the treatment of Stasis Ulcers. It has low-lint properties, as a result it minimizes wound exposure to bacteria. Available in two options, the Unna Boot Dressing comes with or without Calamine.

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Multi-Layer Compression Bandage System/strong

The Multi-Layer Compression Bandage System is ideal for treating stasis ulcer since its multiple layer system offers extensive protection and absorption, while it adjusts to provide the pressure needed. As a benefit, depending on the exudate level the bandage can be used up to a week. It is available in two presentations, a two-tier system and a four-tier system. The two-tier system comes with a protective cushioned bandage that offers just enough compressive force, as well as a self-closing exterior bandage to shield the appliances below it. Whereas the four-tier system comes with four different bandages, including: an artificially manufactured protective cushioned bandage, and a latex-free self-closing exterior bandage to comprise any other appliances below it.

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