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With over a century since its inception, Johnson & Johnson has grown into a global company with presence in 60 countries around the world. The environment at the company is one that focuses on cooperation, which opens the door for innovation. Both of these qualities allow the organization to excel in customer satisfaction and positively alter people’s lives. With a wide range of fields covered, from healthcare supplies to everyday items, Johnson & Johnson has been able to contribute to the greater good as well as individual’s welfare.

Johnson & Johnson Tape Options

Elastikon Elastic Tape
ELASTIKON Elastic Tape is made out of cotton which acts gently on the skin and allows for flexibility, as result it allows the item to adapt in difficult areas.  It is ideal for injuries in the ligaments and muscles, since it provides with the pressure needed. Additionally, it allows air to pass through and keeps the skin moisturized, which is beneficial for advancing healing.

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Coach Sports Tape
Available in 2 sizes, COACH Sports Tape is especially designed to prevent muscle injuries and to protect areas which have been previously injured, while also allowing the area to breath. This tape does not utilize latex and it is not necessary to employ materials such as scissors to divide it since it can be torn using the hands. It is non-slip and it self-adheres without utilizing other tools, as a result it allows for mobility without having to worry about the tape coming loose.

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Zonas Athletic Tape
ZONAS Athletic Tape can be perfectly employed on injuries in which assistance is needed and mobility is deprived. It can be easily removed from the skin or the dressing, however it is strong enough to be stretched without breaking apart. The surface of the tape is fully made out of cotton, which allows the release of sweat. It is available in different widths, plus there’s no need for scissors since the tape can be torn using the hands.

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Johnson & Johnson Covers and Gauze Options

Band-Aid Gauze Pads
BAND-AID Gauze Pads are ideal for partial-thickness wounds, since their technology allows for exudate to be absorbed right away. However, it still maintains a moisturized setting to support healing. Made out of a fabric that leaves almost no residue, these pads are thicker than usual in order to maximize comfortability and wound safety.

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Band-Aid Mirasorb Gauze Sponges
BAND-AID MIRASORB Gauze Sponges should be employed on partial-thickness wounds for cleansing wound sites and to administer medicine. It prevents further wound harm since its material acts gently when in contact with the skin, while it also prevents skin irritation by reducing the amount of fibers left on the area.

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Band-Aid Non-Stick Pads
BAND-AID Non-Stick Pads minimize wound trauma since they are easy to remove. The design is highly convenient since it absorbs exudate and other liquids, therefore preventing leakage and an over-moisturized setting.

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Band-Aid Rolled Gauze
The BAND-AID Rolled Gauze is a self-adhering flexible gauze that fixes onto the area without inhibiting mobility. It is protected with cushioning, therefore allowing for comfortability. This product can be employed as a first dressing over difficult-to-wrap body parts or as a cover dressing.

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Band-Aid Surgipad Surgical Dressings
With an easy and quick absorption system, BAND-AID SURGIPAD Surgical Dressings are designed to be directly in contact with wounds that produce a considerable amount of exudate. As an added benefit, the design shields the wound and prevents it from incurring further damage.

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Band-Aid Tough Pads
Employed as a primary dressing, BAND-AID TOUGH PADS can be used for more than a full day without coming loose. The design provides many benefits, including:
  • It minimizes the incidence of permanent skin marks
  • It conforms to body contours
  • It is impervious to water as well as resistant to sweat
  • It provides protection by creating a cushioned barrier between the injury and external objects

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