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Company Overview

Innovative Healthcare is a leading company in glove manufacturing and supplying. It has been active since the 1990’s and has supplied gloves to the different medical fields and healthcare facilities over time. The company is highly aware of the requirements of each clinical setting and healthcare area, therefore they design gloves to meet each and every necessity. Having their customers in mind through every step is critical for Innovative Healthcare, since they are the ones whose expectations the company strives to fulfill.

From the company’s beginnings, its gloves have been continuously developed and adapted to today’s superior standards. This makes Innovative Healthcare one of the most reliable companies when it comes to gloves and disposable medical supplies.

Innovative Healthcare Exam Glove Options


Available from extra-small to extra-large, DermAssist Coats Powder-Free Latex gloves employ colloidal oatmeal. This component acts as a protective layer that guards the skin from any potential negative reaction or harm, while keeping it moisturized at the same time.  They mold comfortably to the hands, whether they are wet or dry. Additionally, these gloves are also disposable and not sterilized.

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Black Wolf gloves are sturdy, yet flexible and comfortable since they are made with a natural latex formula. In addition, they do not inhibit the ability to grasp different objects.

Black wolf gloves are ideal for an array of different uses, including:

  • Body art, including tattoos and piercings

  • Legal procedures

  • Emergency medical situations

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With current and constant technological advances Innovative Healthcare is committed towards improving its product offerings, with the ProDerm XR Nitrile gloves the company is doing exactly that. These gloves are slim and lightweight, however they are still resistant and capable of offering the same protection that regular gloves ensure. These gloves are not complicated to put on, as well as pleasing and comfortable to use. 

As a plus, the container is eco-friendly and compact, therefore it reduces significantly storing space and minimize waste release into the environment.

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DermaAssist exam gloves are available in following options:

  • Powdered Latex

  • Powdered Vinyl Synthetic

  • Powder-Free Vinyl Synthetic

DermAssist Powdered Latex gloves are incredibly strong, however they are easy to put on since they only employ a minimum amount of powder.

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DermAssist Powdered Vinyl Synthetic gloves employ a slight amount of powder in order to convert the action of putting on the gloves into an easy one. The product is cost-effective and latex-free, and it also allows for sufficient flexibility while being gentle on the skin.

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With a smooth and adaptable inner side, DermAssist Powder-Free Vinyl Synthetic gloves fit comfortably onto the hands without utilizing latex on its manufacturing.

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Ideal for instances in which additional layers of protection are necessary to perform a procedure. DermaGold EP Powder-Free Latex gloves are wider than regular gloves, however they are not unpleasant to wear.

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Simple to slip on and conveniently stored in an easy-peel package, DermAssist Powdered & Powder-Free Sterile Singles & Pairs are capable of sustaining force. As an added benefit, they can be employed on either hand.

Purchase DermAssist Powdered & Powder-Free Sterile Singles & Pairs


DermAssist CR Synthetic Exam gloves offer extreme comfortability in addition to being flexible and gentle on the skin, however they are still extraordinarily sturdy. Although DermAssist CR gloves do not utilize latex for their fabrication, they provide all the benefits that latex does, without exposing the skin to contact induced allergies or irritation.

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Incredibly pleasant for the patient being treated, NitriDerm Scents Great Grape gloves are ideal for dental procedures. Some of the characteristics of this item include:

  • They are easy to put on

  • Their design allows it to grip objects with no difficulty

  • They possess a pleasant aroma

  • They are gentle when in contact with the skin

  • They don’t contain powder or latex

Purchase NitriDerm Scents Great Grape gloves

Innovative Healthcare Surgical Glove Options


DermAssist powdered gloves are high-quality and flexible, therefore they are ideal for employing on general surgery. In addition, they possess a lightly roughened finish which provides an excellent gripping capability.

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Smooth and highly flexible, DermAssist Powder-Free gloves can be employed on lengthy medical procedure without causing exhaustion or contact induced allergies.

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DermaAssist PRESTIGE gloves are available in the following options:

  • Orthopaedic

  • Microsurgical

  • DHD

  • Chloroprene

  • Polyisoprene

DermAssist PRESTIGE Orthopaedic gloves should be employed on procedures involving the musculoskeletal system, since the end of each finger of the glove is thicker than regular gloves. This item can be employed on wet skin and still stand firmly on the hand. In spite of molding comfortably to your hand, they allow for flexibility and mobility. Also, as a result of its thickness holes are less likely to occur.

Other characteristics of the the DermAssist PRESTIGE Orthopaedic gloves, include:

  • They are free from powder

  • They minimize skin harm

  • They are available in different sizes

Purchase DermAssist PRESTIGE Orthopaedic gloves

DermAssist PRESTIGE Microsurgical gloves are ideal for surgical procedures that deal with small body tissues. As an added benefit, they are extra slim in order to provide medical professionals with the highest level of tactility.

Purchase DermAssist PRESTIGE Microsugical gloves

DermAssist PRESTIGE DHD gloves are extremely comfortable due to their slightly bent finger structure. The inside part of the gloves are infused in gel for making it easier to slip on, while they possess a slightly rough finished on the outside for an easy grip.

Purchase DermAssist PRESTIGE DHD gloves

DermAssist PRESTIGE Chloroprene gloves possess a lightly rough surface which enhances the ability to grip objects effectively. Although they are fabricated without employing latex, they still offer the same benefits that latex gloves do.

Purchase DermAssist PRESTIGE Chloroprene gloves

DermAssist PRESTIGE Polyisoprene gloves are made without latex, instead they utilize a synthetic ingredient that possesses the same characteristic as latex. This item can be employed with wet or dry hands, since the inside is infused with a watery solution which makes it easier to slip on.

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