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Company Overview

With half a century in the medical supply industry, Dynarex specializes in disposable medical products and has evolved into a major force in its field. Its product line expands from disposable gloves to wound treatment products. The disposable gloves line was added to Dynarex over ten years ago, through the acquisition of a company celebrated for its innovative energy and experience in glove manufacturing.Despite its vast success, the organization still possesses its innovative drive as well as its full attention on customer needs. Its innovative drive is evidenced by their continuous efforts to enhance and create new products, while it assists their customers by dedicating to supply the best products available at a reasonable price. With presence in 2 different continents and all over the United States, Dynarex has secured its place as a prominent distributor of disposable medical supplies.


Dynarex offers a variety of towelettes for different purposes. Available in different options, including obstetrical, antiseptic, nice'n fresh, castile Soap, and regular cleansing towelettes.

  • Obstetrical towelettes can be employed under different circumstances, however they are ideal for using any time before or after childbirth.

  • BZK Antiseptic towelettes don’t contain any alcohol, instead they utilize a solution of BZK which manages to successfully disinfect the area where the product is applied.

  • Nice'n fresh towelettes contain a minor amount of alcohol and they come in a cylindrical container, this design supports a hygienic setting that helps preserve the item.

  • Castile soap towelettes are designed for utilizing on urine sample tests procedures.

  • There also towelettes which possess a wider range of uses, they can be employed on any part of the body for general cleaning purposes.

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The Skincote Protective Dressing Applicator is used to shield the skin from potential irritation or allergies that might arise from using adhering dressings, bandages, and tapes. Instead of attaching to the skin, adhering appliances attach into the product, therefore it acts as a protective barrier between the skin and the appliances. When it comes to its application, this product should be administered directly to the skin with a damp tool.

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The ActiSplint conforms to the skin while keeping a low profile, it is ideal for emergency medical assistance and can be kept on when electromagnetic radiation tests are necessary. Highly convenient, the ActiSplint can be torn by utilizing appliances such as scissors.

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Cotton Stockinettes guard the skin from any potential harm incurred by fiberglass and polyesters casts, as well as plaster casts. Its features allow the Cotton Stockinette to reduce the amount of creases or wrinkles since it adapts firmly and smoothly on the skin.

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Available on different sizes and different storing capacities, Sharp Containers are useful for storing medical objects that possess a thin edge or a fine point, such as scissors and needles. Its top covering is clear in order to allow for visualization. They are ideal for keeping medical supplies safe, however they also protect the user from harm by preventing contact with pointed objects.

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Dynarex Glove Options


Easy to put on and to manage, Sterile Nitrile Exam Gloves are sterilized and are made without employing powder or latex. They fit on either hand and can be employed on different healthcare areas, including:

  • Pharmacies

  • Emergency room

  • Trauma centers

  • Burn units

  • Medical specialties, such as obstetrics and gynecology

  • General uses in health care facilities

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Made without utilizing powder and available in several sizes, Aloetex Latex Exam Gloves can be used on either hand and adapt to its shape. As an added benefit, the green colored Aloetex Latex Exam Gloves are infused in Aloe which freshens up the skin.

Purchase Aloetex Latex Exam Gloves with Aloe

Dynarex Bandage Options


The absorbing Adhesive Fabric Bandages adapt effectively to difficult-to-adhere body areas while providing comfort and protection. Although incredibly adherent and sturdy, its pad is easy to remove since it does not attach easily to the wound, therefore reducing trauma.

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Fabricated without employing latex, the Butterfly Wound Closure is ideal for minor cuts and wounds since it acts as a barrier between the injury and external contaminants.

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Equipped with its own self-closure system, the Sensi-Wrap Self-Adherent Bandage Rolls are available in a variety of colors and widths. Usually employed in joint areas when moderate pressure is needed, these bandage rolls possess anti-slipping properties as they stand firmly on the skin. In addition, the item can be torn without using cutting tools.

Purchase Sensi-Wrap Self-Adherent Bandage Rolls


Wrapped in polythene film and made without latex, elastic bandages come with a clipping appliance for closing the bandage. Elastic bandages are flexible, therefore they are capable of providing enough pressure to support recovery.

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Stretch Gauze Bandages come in a user-friendly container as well as in different widths. Made out of polyester, the product is effective since it provides the pressure needed to support an injury. The product fixes onto the skin with adhesives even in difficult-to-wrap areas, therefore avoiding slipping incidents.

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Made fully out of cotton, the product comes with a pair of pins to secure the bandage. Triangular bandages can be used to:

  • Wrap around a wound
  • Wrap around a head wound to keep dressings in place
  • Wrap around the arm as a sling

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Impregnated in Zinc Oxide, Unna Boot Bandages are comfortable and minimize the amount of residue left on the wound site. They come in two options, with or without calamine. Additionally, these bandages are ideal for managing several conditions, including:

  • Inflammation induced by a blood clot
  • Lymphedema
  • Venous ulcers
  • Injuries in the ligaments and muscles

Purchase Unna Boot Bandages

Dynarex Dressing Options


Dynarex Sterile Island Dressings are comfortable and do not employ latex for its fabrication. The product serves as a secondary dressing to full-thickness wounds. Although its edges are adhesive, its pad does not stick onto the wound. 

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View Guard Transparent Dressings are usually employed to protect wounded areas or postoperative areas since they adapt easily onto different body parts, such as joints. It is user-friendly as well as air permeable, therefore it prevents the passage of external substances as well as vapor.

Purchase View Guard Transparent Dressings

Dynarex Tape Options


Athletic Tape is ideal to prevent injuries, such as those involving the ligaments. As well as to improve the condition of an injury, while supporting the passage of air and moisture.

Purchase Athletic Tape


Made with no latex, the Clear Surgical Tape is flexible in order to adapt easily to different body parts. It is intended to be employed over medical appliances, since it provides for breathing room and fixes itself onto the area.

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Available in different sizes, the Elastic Tape is breathable, latex-free and highly flexible. Therefore it is capable of being stretched to provide with enough compression, as well as easy to apply on hard-to-wrap areas.

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The porous tape is beneficial to wound healing since it is capable of letting moisture and vapor pass through. Some characteristics of the porous tape include:

  • It is not sterilized

  • It is adherent

  • It is disposable

  • It does not contain latex

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