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Company Overview

With over 40 years in the healthcare business, Andover is one of the top manufacturers in wound care supplies. The U.S. based company directs its efforts towards developing brand-new and ground-breaking products to comply with customer’s constant desire for a wide assortment of options, as well as durable and reliable products. The company is committed to provide customers with a combination of both, the best products and excellent assistance.

Andover Cohesive Bandage Options


With a wide range of appliance possibilities, the CoFlex cohesive bandage is available in several sizes and colors such as red, neon green, yellow, and purple. It can be used to wrap around an injury to prevent it from bleeding and to add pressure on the wound. Also, it can be utilized to maintain intravenous appliances on its position. As an advantage, these bandages can be employed on their own or along other dressings and gauzes for extra coverage. It is a cost-effective tool that provides the user with just enough pressure to fasten recovery without cutting off the passage of blood. 

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Made with no latex, the CoFlex NL is offers just enough pressure to support wound healing without the risk of it sliding or coming loose. It is user-friendly since there is no complicated system involved when applying or detaching the bandage. Available in different designs, this product shields the wound from external contaminants. In addition, the CoFlex NL can be torn single handedly without the need of using sharp instruments.

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Comfortable and gentle on the skin, the CoFlex LF2 Foam Bandage can be employed on damp surroundings since it adheres firmly, preventing slippage.  Available in several colors and widths, the product is user-friendly and durable. This bandage has incredibly strong resistance, it can hold up to twenty pounds when pulled strongly, which is six pounds more than what the CoFlex is capable of sustaining and eight pounds more than the CoFlex NL.

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Andover Wound Care Dressing Options


Equipped with two different dressings, the CoFlex TLC 2 Layer Compression Kit is ideal for those suffering from edema associated with venous insufficiency. Both dressings are made out of first-rate materials and are slip resistant. In addition, this compression kit is user-friendly and comes with a leg covering that can be employed over the two dressings in order to give the user maximum mobility and comfortability.

The first dressing:

  • Helps to keep the area free from moisture by employing an effective liquid absorbing system.

  • Retains unpleasant smells

  • Reduces itchiness

While, the second dressing:

  • Can be tailored according to the level of compression the individual needs

  • Does not require the use of sharp instruments, since it is simple to tear using the hands

  • Is free of latex

  • Is flexible

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The CoFlex TLC Zinc 2 Layer Compression Kit is slim and does not stand out significantly. The kit comes with the following 3 items:

  • A dressing infused in zinc

  • An adherent dressing to be applied on top of the zinc dressing

  • An elastic covering garment for the leg

The dressings on this kit are highly absorbent, as well as free of latex and user-friendly. This product is ideal for treating injuries involving more than a single wound, among other injuries.

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The CoFlex TLC Calamine 2 Layer Compression Kit possesses every characteristic of the Zinc Compression kit, with the exception of one aspect. Instead of being infused in zinc, the Calamine compression kit’s first dressing is infused in calamine.

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Andover Moleskin Options


Employed to treat and protect foot conditions such as blisters in podiatric medicine. The Moleskin adhesive wrap possesses a soft cotton interior wrapped around a flesh-toned exterior, which proves to be effective in improving the user’s condition and comfortability. Free of latex, this wrap keeps the area dry and it is gentle on the skin.

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Andover Medical Tape Options


Made without latex and available in 2 different colors, the Andover Medical Tape is designed to secure appliances, while it keeps the area moisturized and reduces the risk of potential allergic reactions.

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