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Medegen Medical - H250-11 - Tumbler

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Medegen Medical:
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H250-118 oz500 / Case
H250-118 ozEach
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Complementing the carafe line, shatterproof tumblers make perfect drinking cups. Optimal styling allows for easy grasping and ingestion of fluids. Select disposable or reusable.
More Information
Manufacturer Medegen Medical
Categories Drinkware, Feeding Aids, Carafes, Nursing Supplies
Code H250-11
Require Prescription? No
Store Online Living Aids|Whole Surgical|Wound Treatment
Score: 4.8 from 1 - 5
49 Review
elinviktoria81 Review from
January 2, 2020
Lilac/Purple Contigo Shake and Go Autoseal 20oz
Great item, good quality, fast shipping and carefully wrapped/protected during shipping. Comes in several nice colours, and even though I stand for my 5 and that the product is absolutely worth it, I ended up buying at a lower price for the other colours. More colours to choose from means happy kids, nephews, nieces, happy me/mums. Really good investments, and it brightens everyone's days to bring this around with smoothies, water, somethink to drink during the day - without leakage thanks to the Autoclose-/Autoseal-system And with different colours there are seldom any big argument or mix-up
B. Review from
October 26, 2020
I purchased this insulated Tumbler with My own hard earned money and this review
I purchased this insulated Tumbler with My own hard earned money and this review contains my experience using it. Purchased July 2020 I have owned a few Contigo products and have liked all of them, thus far. This tumbler is made of plastic so it is largely break proof. It is double walled so it has some insulating properties. I did a simple test of a half cup of water and 8 ice cubes and the cubes were still present though mostly melted (ie small) after 6 hours. In my regular tumblers by this time the ice is gone. The tumbler comes with a straw I believe it is plastic. The cap has an auto clos
HappyContigoUser Review from
June 10, 2021
Best tumbler I've ever had!
This tumbler is fantastic! These cups have become a staple to my every day. I love it so much I have 3! They are so sturdy and never leak. They're hard to tip over and even if you manage it, with the straw in it almost never spills. You can throw it in a bag and have full confidence it will never leak! I am probe to dropping things, and these tumblers have even held up to that! After 3 years of use, all 3 that I own still stand up to every test! This tumbler let me break up with Starbucks! I started filling it with coffee at home and it was still cold when I wanted it to be hours later. The be
Wendy Review from
February 27, 2022
Long lasting, comfortable
I know the current trend is all metal bottles, but when they fall over theyre super loud and startling plus they dont fit your cupholder. These not only fit but hold temperature cold and dont make a lot of noise when you put them on the table. I like that I can take it apart completely and its clean. I can take my straw out and change it or wash it rather than have to take the whole bottle apart. Just dont drop it in the hot tub because the cracks the seal.Thats why I had to buy another. The first one lasted me years.
Jace Review from
June 24, 2021
Love them so much I take them on vacation!
Started out buying two, then two more, and two again to make six so there is always a clean one. These spill-proof cups are the ideal size and very durable; I havent had a lid break in 4 years of daily use. A couple of straws broke so bought some clear replacement straws from this site. These tumblers also make great gifts. Wish they still made the purple version.
L. Review from
July 23, 2020
I use this bottle every single day for water. Things i love about it: 1. Easy to
I use this bottle every single day for water. Things i love about it: 1. Easy to track how much you drink due to the 20oz size - multiples of 20 are much easier to count than 12 or 16 oz bottles. 2. Easy to clean - you can throw the entire thing in the dishwasher. My Hydroflask is a pain to clean. 3. I like that it ISN'T insulated. I prefer to drink my water closer to room temp (water straight out of the fridge hurts my teeth and is harder to chug!) 4. Its clear so i can see how much i drink 5. Its durable - had this for a few months, use it daily, been thru dishwasher, and it still looks new
J.P. Review from
October 20, 2019
Ive been into protein shakes ever since a friend introduced me to them. I make m
Ive been into protein shakes ever since a friend introduced me to them. I make my own and bring them to the gym with me so that I can enjoy them after my workout. I used to make them with a blender but that takes me a while. For convenience sake, I wanted to try using a tumbler so I got this product. Making the shakes is super easy. I add the powder, skim milk, and ice to the tumbler and shake it up (it seals tightly if the straw is out). Theres no need for a blender or spoon or anything which makes it super convenient. When Im finished I add in the straw and Im good to go. The way it works, t
Kati Review from
April 8, 2018
Best Shaker Bottle!
This bottle's clever spring design 'trap door' lid allows me to shake up my drink mixes without extra appliances or gadgets (think 'saving both time and washing'), and my drink is smooth every time.* It seals perfectly, and I can shake it up and take it with me without worrying it'll leak, adding the straw when I'm ready to drink. The colors are fun too! I have the turquoise and deep berry colors. Both are clear enough to see the water level and if powder has fully mixed, yet opaque enough to typically notice only the pretty bottle color. This is a durable bottle, and I love that it's all top-
s. Review from
October 28, 2019
I've had the clear one for a couple months, using it about every other day. It w
I've had the clear one for a couple months, using it about every other day. It washes well in the dishwasher, it is ergonomic to hold, and I haven't had any issues with it. I decided to buy a second one. The only reason I docked a star is that it does seem a little small; however, it will fit in a car cupholder (none of my other straw cups will) & it is 20 ounces so not bad. UPDATE: I've owned this for almost a year now, and have bought three others of various sizes. My teens have started taking them, too, because they are so easy to drink from that we hydrate more. Although I love them and st
erica.m Review from
October 13, 2021
I have to say I really do appreciate how well made this tumbler is. I have two and use one everyday to take my iced green tea to work. The lid stays tight so when I knock it over in my car the lid doesn't pop off and there is a tight seal around the straw so nothing leaks out. It's pretty sturdy. I have dropped it a few times on the concrete floor at work and it hasn't broken yet.
L.t.S. Review from
August 6, 2020
Best design for a water cup Ive seen so far. The auto close feature is amazing a
Best design for a water cup Ive seen so far. The auto close feature is amazing and a simple but great innovation! One thing to note is dont force the straw to go a direction so you dont break the auto close feature. The straw will rest a specific direction that still lets you get every drop when tilted that direction! Awesome product bought one for me and then came back for a second for my mom!
charles.s Review from
October 13, 2021
We got these for my dad with Parkinson's to help him stay hydrated. That you can take out the straw and it has a spring-loaded seal makes it great for travel; we were able to keep a couple in his walker no matter where we went. After he became too weak and we needed smaller ones, these became my moms go-to for her own hydration. They work great!
T.R. Review from
October 3, 2016
I don't post a ton of reviews. And reviewing this with 5 stars seems almost stup
I don't post a ton of reviews. And reviewing this with 5 stars seems almost stupid because of all of the other insanely positive reviews but I still felt it was necessary, because this cup has been a revelation. I had experimented with other travel, screw top cups with straws and the almost all had the same universal defect: the threads on the top would become warped and would eventually leak or just fail to screw on entirely. They were garbage. This Contigo is hands-down, without a doubt, unquestionably, the best cup of its generation. I would let it date my daughter. Honestly, it is amazing.
A. Review from
March 26, 2020
I love my new cup! Since we are in a pandemic I decided to learn how to make my
I love my new cup! Since we are in a pandemic I decided to learn how to make my coffee at home. I found I love making my iced coffee in this cup! Like a lot! I use it about twice a day to make my drinks. I also have 4 kids so limiting the spill damage was important and if my kids knock my drink over with the straw in there is very little leakage. With no straw you can shake the crap out of it and it will not leak. Just dont fill it to the max, youll have an explosion out the straw when you put it in. This is super fun with soap and water though.
Susan N Review from
July 23, 2021
Great service and top notch quality product
This company has great service very friendly and professional. If you look me up you will see who I spoke with and who was very accommodating. I love my cup, it's really what I wanted. If it comes out in a black top let me know and I'll order another!
stacey.r Review from
October 13, 2021
I LOVE this water bottle. it's gorgeous, exactly the colors I like. it's teal and pink but gives of a purple look which helps me keep calm while I enjoy a drink of cool water. I refill several times a day which gets me out of my chair and moving.
HAILEY Review from
February 18, 2021
Love it
This is such a great tumbler! The auto-seal really helps for when youre just throwing it in your purse/bag. No leaks! This is my fourth one I just love it! I also ordered this on a Tuesday afternoon and it was at my door Wednesday morning! So awesome. Well done, Staples! Might have to order a few more soon.
A. Review from
February 12, 2020
I love this bottle so much! I got it about 6 months ago and it still works perfe
I love this bottle so much! I got it about 6 months ago and it still works perfectly. I mainly use it for iced coffee but I also use it for water sometimes as well. It's great because I can just put the bottle in without the straw in my bag and it won't leak. I also like shaking my coffee to mix it and this is great because it doesn't leak. Overall, its a great product and I 100% recommend it.
megan.l Review from
February 21, 2022
I am obsessed with my contigo water bottle! So versatile and cute i use all the time. Only minus is that it needs to come with a straw cleaner. It gets mucky in there and even popping in the dishwasher doesnt help.
creighton.b Review from
January 22, 2019
This thing is legit. My fiance and I both have one, and we love them! They truly dont spill unless you're doing something stupid, and if you pull the straw out then they don't spill at all!!! Making them amazing to throw in your bag, and go... no worries. They work perfectly for what they're designed for, you fill it up with water, add your drink powder/flavoring, throw the lid on (no straw)... SHAKE and BOOM! Perfectly blended beverage with no spills. Then you just pop the straw in and you're good to go.
wendy Review from
Bed Bath & Beyond
July 14, 2020
I love this water bottle. You take the straw out and it creates a perfect seal so you can shake it up with your drink powders. I will joke with my friends and pretend to pour water over my head when its closed. Not a drop comes out. I can also wash it in my dishwasher - straw and everything and it never melts. Love.
Melrdh Review from
June 13, 2019
I love this cup!
I love this cup! It doesnt sweat and its keeps my drinks cold. I use it to make iced coffee, iced tea, to mix powdered drinks with water, and just for an everyday cup to drink plain water. I can put my powders and liquids together with ice, put the lid on (without the straw) and shake until everything is throughly mixed, then I put in my straw and enjoy! I have never had my cup leak. I have had it for years and put it in the dishwasher. Easy to use, and easy to clean!
Maggie Review from
July 12, 2020
Great 20oz bottle with straw
Great cup! Kind of hard to clean the lid if you leave it at work and let it get kind of gross, but not impossible! I love the straw, and the way the bottle closes without the straw in it, although mine isnt always leak proof, so dont rely on it. Its a great color and doesnt sweat!
candy.m Review from
May 26, 2020
I really like the shake go hydration bottle. I mix my packets of drink mixes shake and throw it into my bag. I dont experience any leaks. I use it several times a day. I wash the bottle in top rack of dishwasher. The straws arent dishwasher safe. I recommend this for traveling.
allison.r Review from
February 15, 2020
The best water cup ever! I needed a clear cup with a straw to get me to drink more water. This one is perfect because I can shake up flavored waters before putting in my straw and take the drinks in my bag with me without them spilling. Tight seal. When I want to drink and am in my car or when I get to my desk, I just pop in the straw. Easy to clean straw using a thin straw scrubby brush. I go to meetings and always see others with this. I have it in blue, pink and clear:)
symantha.a Review from
July 29, 2020
Okay, to start off I have owned this bottle for about five years now. I purchased it from Target. I mainly use it as a water bottle for when I go on walks with my girls, but occasionally will I use it for iced coffee or other drinks. The bottle and straw are easy to clean and it actually keeps my drink cold!
lu.p Review from
September 12, 2021
Love this bottle, my last one I left on top of the car and drove off so I need another make sure to clean inside lid well or mold can build up I only use it for water which made my husband think it didnt need to washed, and sure enough I noticed black gunk building up on the I side edge of the lid
emily.s Review from
January 5, 2017
I have had 2 of these cups. The first one I got to use with my pre workout for the gym. I loved that the lid sealed when the straw was out, making it great for shaking up powdered drinks. Unfortunately, that little part broke and I couldn't use it for shaking drinks anymore. I got a second cup that I still use, but I left some matcha green tea in it overnight in the fridge and despite multiple scrubbings, the cup is stained a funny color so it makes all of my drinks look dirty! If I ever get one again, I will be sure to prep my matcha in a different cup!
allison.p Review from
August 3, 2020
This is my favorite product so far! The first time I saw it it was love. I really like it! It is beautiful and easy to carry on. Very affordable, the best price in the market. I think everybody should have one.
adri00 Review from
June 17, 2019
Best Water Tumbler EVER
The double walled feature kept my water cold for hours, which is unusual for a water tumbler with a straw. Also, this DID NOT LEAK! I'm not going to lie, I had my doubts when purchasing this, but they all disappeared. When you take the straw out there is a closing mechanism on the lid so you can shake it, turn it upside-down, or even throw it in your bag. I take this with me wherever I go. Awesome product!
becky.t Review from
February 4, 2022
I love my Contigo Autoclose Shake and go tumbler. It doesnt leak and it is easy to clean. Affordable and convenient. I love to add decals to my tumblers and make them more fun.
angee.l Review from
April 1, 2016
I love this cup! My friends and I always use these for a night out, camping, on vacation...just about everything. I never leave my house to go on vacation without it. I love how the contents inside stay sealed when the straw is removed, usually for shaking. They fit great in all types of cup holders and work well in floaties at the pool. Price is decent at around $14.99 depending on where you buy. Sometimes you can find these on a buy one get one 50% off at Walgreens. Love this versitile cup!
leah.s Review from
August 16, 2020
I love this water bottle! I legit carry it around with me wherever I go, whether its around the house or at work. The only thing I could think of to improve it would be to make it more spill proof, but its a straw so it makes sense. Overall, highly recommend!
haleigh.h Review from
April 13, 2020
This cup is a go to everyday. Its fun to drink out of and the straw hole cover is a nice addition, knowing it wont spill when the straw is out is comforting. It was really affordable and worth the money. I would definitely recommend to people on the move a lot.
lovethisbottle Review from
June 17, 2019
Love this waterbottle!
This is a great waterbottle. It is everything I have been searching for. I wanted something that didn't leak and that I could put in my backpack and/or purse, but that also had enough water and wasn't tiny like some leakproof waterbottles are. I LOVE having a straw too! I literally don't go anywhere without this.
becca.j Review from
July 13, 2021
MY FAVOURITE FAVOURITE CUP! It is pretty much always with me! In the car, on my desk, in my hand! I love this cup so much as I find its the perfect size and I love the straw aspect!
kristen.h Review from
September 15, 2019
One of my favorite tumblers. This is great for anyone that uses drink mix on the go like Crystal Light. There is a small spring which holds the straw in place but once the straw is removed, the bottle it completely sealed. The double lining also helps to keep drinks cooler longer without any condensation.
KatNSara Review from
June 13, 2019
Favorite water bottle ever!!!
I love having a reusable tumbler that I can use with the straw, but also remove the straw without leaks! I can mix up shakes and infused water with no problem and just pop in the straw! It works great for throwing in my purse too - just remove the straw and pop it in. PERFECT! and the lid is super easy to clean - no hidden or hard to reach areas!
amanda.g Review from
October 8, 2021
This bottle is great for smoothies on the go. Love the colour! It is leak proof. I find the design easy to clean.
jess.s Review from
September 18, 2020
I loved this when I purchased it because it closed when the straw came out. One day I accidentally broke the straw and could not find a straw in stores to proper fit it so I tossed the cup. If the straw wouldn't have broken i would have given it more stars.
kelsey.h Review from
March 2, 2020
I love these water bottles! I find myself constantly drinking out of them. I drink so much more when I am using one of these! My entire family is hooked. They used to sell them at Target, now we are searching constantly for them. I found some on Amazon but they are always selling out. They are awesome!
ShariShopper Review from
September 7, 2021
chloe.g Review from
June 30, 2021
I love this brand so much. It always has the perfect things this is one of them. It is so amazing I would definitely recommend it to anyone who asked!
Joyce M. Review from
June 25, 2016
This tumbler is a perfect size for me not only in the amount of iced tea that it holds, but also for my hand. This tumbler narrows a little in the middle, so my hand is able to hold it better then some of the bigger ones that sometmes would slip out of my hand. There is never any condensation on the outside of it, so I feel safe putting it on a table with nothing under it. I omly wish it would keep the contents cold. Maybe they will make one in the future.
layan.a Review from
August 25, 2021
These tumblrs are really great - I love having drinks in them because of the reusable straws. They are a great value for your money and I would definitely recommend them!
hannah.v Review from
October 16, 2016
This is definitely an essential in my life! The double walled tumbler means no drippy condensation and my drink stays cold for hours! I've left ice water in the car on a hot day and come back a few hours later to find it still icy cold! I love the nice long straw! It's clear plastic so you can keep an eye on how much you have left! I always feel like I drink more out of a clear cup! Definitely my favorite travel cup!
vaniece.k Review from
February 4, 2022
Before I started buying the Starbucks tumblers this was my favorite. It is very sturdy easy to clean and my drinks never spill the straw is sturdy and last forever I highly recommend
Roux Review from
June 17, 2019
Love it but
I keep this on my desk at work. It holds enough so that I don't have to keep refilling it. And it doesn't spill if I knock it over. But I'm on my 3rd one now. The spring on the flap that holds the straw just popped out and I can't get it back in. The same thing happened with my other two. And you don't sell replacement lifs
Clarkbar Review from
June 13, 2019
The Best
I absolutely love this bottle. I love that it seals when the straw is taken out so its easy to put in my bag and not worry about spillage. It keeps my liquids cold. It fits into my car cupholder. Cannot think of a negative thing to say about it. Love it so much I have 3....
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