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Medegen Medical - H207-11 - Pitcher, Insulated, Straw & Lid

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Medegen Medical:
FSA Eligible
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H207-1122 oz48 / Case
H207-1122 ozEach
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Ideal for patient bedside, extended care and home health use. 34 oz. Double-wall thermo design keeps drinks cold and minimizes the need to add ice. Dual access lid can be completely sealed for maximum infection control. Jumbo straw and safety tips are held snugly in place for easy patient use and straw does not have to be removed for pouring. Dishwasher safe and reusable.
More Information
Manufacturer Medegen Medical
Categories Drinking Aids, Feeding Aids, Pitcher, Carafes, Nursing Supplies
Code H207-11
Require Prescription? No
Store Online Living Aids|Whole Surgical|Wound Treatment
Score: 4.3 from 1 - 5
40 Review
Jackie Review from
September 17, 2021
The Hydrojug was one of the best purchases I have made. I have repeatedly purchased jugs from this company. I love that this jug is very convenient. It benefits me because it lets me drink half a gallon of water while carrying it next to me with its strap, making it accessible and easy to travel. The bottle is made of number two HDPE and number five PP Plastic, making it BPA-free. I have bought from other companies on other occasions, and my results were far from this one. The company has supporters worldwide, and when they launch new jugs, they always sell out. They have one hundred twenty-si
Joanna C. Review from
May 18, 2021
Love my pink Hydrojug!
I've had this for a month. The color is more of a bubble gum pink than what is show in the promo photos. I like the light pink in the photos better, but it's still not a bad shade of pink for all us pink lovers :-) I really do like this Hydrojug, it's great quality. I also ordered the straw, much better to drink with it. The only two annoyances that I find are that the spout part doesn't close/open easily. It's a little harder to open it sometimes (a little bit of water has spilled out). The second issue that I have experienced is that the straw SOMETIMES will not pop out like it's supposed to
Kaitlyn B. Review from
October 27, 2021
Its a bones day review
The hydro jug product itself is amazing, I enjoy the prints and patterns and the way it helps me drink more water! The reason for the non 5 star review is to hopefully catch someones attention higher up at hydro jug.theres a bigger flaw/issue I have noticed that I wanted to address. Inclusiveness. Now I know you are thinking, its a water bottle everyone drinks water! Take a look at marketing, at the ads and the Instagramwhile the models are all from different cultures and ethnicities, why dont we have plus size models? Special needs models? Models with disabilities? I feel like hydrojug is lim
Katie S. Review from
November 4, 2021
HydroJug for LIFE
I love this neon version! It looks so good! The lid is secure and you wont have any leaks even with the bottle filled completely! I drink through the entire bottle by my lunchtime and then after I refill and drink through that by the end of the night! Helps me keep up my water intake perfectly! I constantly have compliments on it and I have had a few people at the gym ask me for the website so that they can pick up their own. It is literally so easy to carry around at the gym and I never run out of water during my workout or need to refill it. The strap makes it comfortable to just wear on my
Rachell F. Review from
July 2, 2021
Good bottle, disappointed overall
So I finally caved and got one of these bottles, but I gotta say, Im pretty disappointed with the purchase. 1.) No matter how tight the lid is, the bottle seems to leak when on its side 8/10 times (it falls over in the car). 2.) The bottle is not sweat resistant at ALL. You either have to drink warm water with it or buy a sleeve for the bottle that is supposed to have sweat resistant capabilities. 3.) This isnt really a valid point, since its about the straw. Theres not good in between for the straw, you can adjust the bottom flex piece & its either too tall or too short. When its too short yo
Deidra B. Review from
March 13, 2022
This bottle meets standards
This jug is wonderful. I bought these on a whim trying to find a product that was 64oz and durable. My son is required by his doctor to drink 80oz or more a day and trying to find that solution was hard especially for a 10 year old. The sleeves work amazing and help him with carrying them. I bought one for myself and told him what I was setting as my water goal also. I am able to get my jug easily to and from work and also create my own mix and match! They seem large but the handle works amazing along with the sleeve strap. Colors are great to choose from and I can get some that are more his f
Lorraine S. Review from
June 1, 2021
Serves a purpose, could be better though
The gallon is a great size for meeting goals on hydration! The sleeve is a nice decoration thats great for carrying the jug. The water doesnt stay cold for long though, best thing to do is fill it up with ice cubes. I tried the straw and didnt like it. You have to keep pushing it down w fingers to close the top properly so it defeats the purpose of keeping the straw sanitary. Also the top does not close properly, it doesnt have a tight seal. So I had to hold it while I drove so it wouldnt accidentally spill in my car. Lastly, back to the straw, On the second day of having the straw in the jug,
Jenna S. Review from
August 13, 2021
Perfect for Me!
I absolutely love this jug! I ALWAYS have water with me and this makes it so much easier as I have to fill up so much less often! The handle is such a great thing to have as well. The sleeve with a strap is genius as I said I always have water with me and when out and not having to hold it in my hands or shove it in my purse is amazing. The straw is such a great option too and its bend ability is perfect. I have recommended this jug to so many and just gave my sister one (with a straw & sleeve as well) for her birthday! Thanks for making this! I want all the colors and sleeves but that may be
Alexandra N. Review from
October 14, 2021
Love my HydroJug
First off let me just say this thing is a BEAST!!! Its huge!!! Holds 2.2L of water which means I have said goodbye to constantly refilling. The handle is perfect, the mouthpiece isnt too big, and it holds temperature decently with the sleeve. I did notice though that the seal on the lid is a touch finicky. It cant be too tight or too loose or itll leak. I havent noticed a consistency with the leaking, but its enough to notice that its not just drops of water from messily filling it up. I just bothered them for warranty on the sleeve so I dont think Ill bother asking about the lid. But standing
Kelsey O. Review from
November 3, 2021
My first review on a product worth it.
I loved this product overall, great quality. I got this hydro jug so that I could commit to consuming more water then what I usually do so far, there hasnt been a day where I dont drink more then half a gallon of water. The color is beautiful, the design is beautiful, this jug overall will be the only thing you need to have in your hand. Its easily to carry around, buying a carrier makes it so much easy to take on the run. If you havent yet please purchase one. Im being honest with my review the first review Ive ever done because its the first product Ive ever actually enjoyed using. Not only
Sasha P. Review from
February 20, 2022
Okay these are my favorite thing EVER! I bought my first pink bottle and used it so much, I bought another one five days later. I have convinced half my clinic to either look at hydrojug or to actually buy a hydrojug. We just walk around complimenting each others jugs and sleeves, it really is nice. About the bottles though, I get through my daily water intake so easily with these jugs! They dont have the cheesy time on the side to remind me to drink. Its just a big water bottle but somehow it being cute and in the room with me makes me drink my water every single day! I will be a hydrojug use
Serena V. Review from
August 12, 2021
Honestly Review
I really really wanted to love this water bottle as I have been obsessed with wanting to buying one for a while and just love the look and whole idea of it. Well now that I have had one for about 4 months now I absolutely LOVE the sleeve carrier that part is fantastic! However, I just couldnt fall in love with the bottle itself. No matter how much ice I fill the bottle with my water will be room temp and in a matter of a couple hours and I just cant do warm water. And when the water sits for a while it ends up tasting like plastic. Also it slightly leaks every once in a while. But love this br
KB Review from
August 12, 2021
Love the clear jug
I bought two of these, one for my husband and one for me. At first I purchased them because they were on sale, but honestly theyre really great. I really love that you can see where the water level is at. I also bought the hot coral bottle but I end up using my clear one with the coral lid. I will probably buy more clear ones and different colored lids to mix it up or gift to family and friends. I love the handle, I love the watertight flip lid (it can roll around in the backseat of my car and it wont spill), I love the measure markings on the side of the bottle, and I love how easy it is to s
Audrey T. Review from
April 30, 2021
Love it!!
I love my Hydrojug! The sleeve and bottle color combo I picked worked perfectly and it's so nice to have something big enough to hold enough water to feel like I'm drinking enough throughout the day. The only negative I'd have to say is the sleeve does not insulate the bottle. If I put ice in my jug, it's gone as fast as if it were in a plastic bottle w/o a sleeve. My other bottles certainly keep my water colder, but on the flip side of things, if this were metal insulated, with the size, it would be too heavy. So I'm still happy with it and I drink water faster when it's not cold so it's stil
Michelle N. Review from
July 6, 2021
Its great but
I love the size of this jug for helping me to increase my water intake. The sleeve is also wonderful for carrying and for keeping my water cool longer. My only issue is that, no matter what I do, there is always a slight leak around the seal. It has been this was since it arrived despite following all washing and care instructions. I deal with it because it isnt a huge leak, just a dribble here and there. Its just enough to be annoying and leave a few drops down the front of my shirt from time to time. I also have to make sure it doesnt fall over in my car, or else I risk a decent sized damp s
Samantha M. Review from
October 28, 2021
Not horrible, not great
Ive owned many water jugs through my adult life, as an avid athlete drinking water is crucial however I have been most fond of the hydro jug due to its lightweight and fun designs nevertheless a few design flaws make it a 5/10 for me. The inside of the jug where the handle is, this should be solid as its extremely tricky to clean 100%. I add flavoring and BCAAs to my water and though I rinse, wash and sanitize my bottles daily, yes daily, I always have mold spots, especially in the straws. Last year, I had to replace TWO bottles in a single months time because they busted on the bottom when dr
Lachele C. Review from
November 7, 2021
One the Fence? Get the HydroJug!
I love my Sage Pro HydroJug! While this is my first HydroJug, I cant really compare the Pro to the Original but thought I might as well get the Pro if Im gonna get one! It is the perfect size, and isnt inconvenient to hold or carry along. I recently started a new position where I wouldnt be able to fill my 30oz water bottle and didnt want to bring a ton of individual water bottles. HydroJug allows me to get my water intake and not have to worry about filling my water bottle while at work! Along with the HydroJug I also go the Rattlesnake Sleeve! It actually keeps the water chilled! Which is wh
Stephanie S. Review from
August 5, 2021
The look of this jug with the wrap is pretty cute and I like having the strap to carry it by because the jug is pretty clunky. If you put ice in your water, it sweats very bad and the handle can become difficult to hold on to without the strap. Its not very easy to wash because the internal shape. If it was half the price, it would be worth it but its over priced for what you get, in my opinion. My RTIC water jug keeps my water cool without sweating. I was looking for something bigger and lighter and thought this jug plus the sleeve would do the trick but it doesnt insulate the jug at all. The
Lilia S. Review from
June 29, 2021
The look is great. I
The look is great. I have mine with the pink hydrojug. It is super convenient. My Iphone fits into both of the side pockets:large and small. I can fit my batch of keys into one of the pockets while having my phone in the other one. I even slide in a pair of ankle socks sometimes. I tried going jogging with the hydro sleeve on back as a 5lb weight and the noticed that a bit of the leopard sleeve material has torn next to where the strap is sewn in, so I guess thats not an option anymore. The sleeve does keep water cooler than it did without the sleeve. But its definitely not a replacement for a
Jasmine R. Review from
October 6, 2021
Love the jug, it just has a loose lid :(
I absolutely adore the HydroJug! I fill it up in the morning and drink it as I go throughout the day. Super convenient to only have to fill up water once a day now! Not to mention, its aesthetically pleasing especially with the sleeve. My only issue (not sure if I received a faulty product or if this is just the design of the bottle) is that the lid wont stay closed tight against the mouth piece. The lightest touch causes the lid to flip up and easily spill water (see video). I really want to love this product but because of the lid I am unable to take it anywhere with me besides around the ho
Sarah E. Review from
October 16, 2021
This is my first HydroJug.
This is my first HydroJug. I say first, because I truly believe it wont be my last or only. I went in with essentially no expectations. I had been eyeing this product for a while and finally made the plunge after a lot of review reading and picture viewing. This product has became an everyday essential for me. I drink a lot of water while working and hate buying bottled water and wasting plastic. My tap water is filtered at home, so I needed something that was big enough to take to work and no have to worry about refilling. Also, I make it a personal goal to complete one full jug while at work
Trevor Review from
November 14, 2021
Cant Live Without
I wanted to try this out after buying my wife one. Hayden was right in observing that there was a gap in big jugs. He was right that milk jugs dont hold up. I didnt like this at first. But that was short lived. I misplaced it for a couple of days and my water intake tanked. I depend on this bottle to stay adequately hydrated. Its amazing. I dropped it the second day I had it. My heart skipped a beat. Surely I 3-: going to have to buy another, right? Wrong. This bad boy BOUNCED. No damage at all. A cool design feature is the lid secured slightly to the left of the handle. Like 45 degrees. Its v
Lisa L. Review from
August 12, 2021
Love the product. Comfortable for
Love the product. Comfortable for holding. Some notes though. The straw can get stuck inside the jug on the rim and it is difficult to pop back out. Pushing down or bringing towards towards the narrow opening doesnt really work all the time and Im finding myself interesting the top to get open. I have also found that it is difficult to set the top back on the ridges straight and twist back on with the straw in the bottle. It just does not sit straight but when I take the straw out it seems to be fine. Not really sure why the straw makes such a difference in this but it does consistently I do l
Stephanie F. Review from
July 19, 2021
Good product!
Overall, I'm really enjoying my Hydro Jug! It is a beautiful color with lots of options to accessorize! My only complaint which is not a problem with this brand or product is just the "plastic" taste of a plastic product. I wanted this jug for size and would never be happy with a stainless steel jug that is this big, so you take the good with the bad. Also, I wish there was a better way to have a functional straw. The tip has to be adjusted frequently in order to reduce air gaps and I almost threw it out, thinking that it was packaging material. I read other reviews that indicated a similar ex
Amanda P. Review from
April 30, 2021
Love the sleeve.
The Leopard Sleeve V2 is great. I love the pocket and the strap they have been super helpful to make sure I have what I need for my hydration goals. Couple of thoughts on the products in general: The plastic material of the jug with the sleeve does not keep ice in the jug for very long. If this was a metal or stainless steal type of product it would keep the water cold longer. Especially since its a huge jug its not going to keep ice in it for very long. Which is important. Not sure if there is a way to make a jug that is stainless steal but the same look and sleeves. This is my only complaint
Hope T. Review from
August 19, 2021
Stop searching and just get it already
I love it! I love that I have the option of using a straw if Id like but that I can take it out and clean it. I like the neoprene sleeve that makes it easier to carry as if the handle wasnt already easy enough!! I recently took my hydro jug with me to a festival and I was able to easily carry both that and my purse with no hassle. PLUS I stayed hydrated. The size is perfect. Ive had gallon jugs before and it can just be bulky and intimidating if youre just starting to get into the habit of increasing your water intake. I love that its simple, cute, and affordable! During my quest for a new wat
Stephanie R. Review from
January 6, 2022
7 sets plus bought others for gifts!
I LOVE these jugs!! The only complaint i have is the strap needs to be longer. I'm a bigger woman and i can't use the straps now due to being too short. I love to hike or just take them around the house. I would love to be able to wear them like a crossbody. Now, i order purse straps to accomplish this but you should offer longer straps. I do like the classic jugs better then the pro series bc the classic feels thicker and easier to open but it's not a make or break. I definitely love the pro sleeves better then classics... my husband wishes there were more manly options!
Jesmie G. Review from
June 1, 2020
Hydro Jug Review
I recently purchased the pink sleeve and blush colored jug. It was a bit difficult choosing the color(s) I preferred due to the fact that items were constantly listed as "SOLD OUT" so the variety was very limited. I loved the idea of having a large hydration source that is cute and functional. I love that it's a wide mouth jug, it makes it super easy for deep cleaning. The cap screws on pretty securely however the flip top isn't as secure. When you apply pressure to close, it has a slight click but it doesn't feel completely secure. It doesn't take much upward force to flip open. I haven't had
Laura Review from
July 26, 2020
Great ideas, execution is ok
The idea is fantastic. I love the idea of using only 2 half-gallon bottles a day to get my daily gallon. The straw that dips into the bottle when the lid is closed and the insulating sleeve with a shoulder strap are also fantastic ideas that make hydration easier. I ordered 2 sets of jug + straw + sleeve carrier for ultimate convenience. Improvements needed: You kind of have to adjust the straw with your finger to get the lid to close (I wouldnt randomly lick my finger, and cleanliness-wise, using my finger to get the straw inside the jug is basically the same thing, IMO.) Also, one of the 2 b
Meghan D. Review from
May 17, 2021
Being obsessed may be an
Being obsessed may be an understatement. I absolutely love my HydroJug. The mint color looks amazing snug inside the tie-dye sleeve. After a five year hiatus I have finally gone back to the gym. This may be the best investment Ive ever made in a water bottle . Not only has it kept me in check with my daily water consumption but its so light weight - i dont mind carrying it around! Being a petite 115lb female, gallon jugs can be intimidating, heavy and bulky. This 73 ounce jug is the perfect size. I highly highly recommend to anyone and everyone.
Nicole A. Review from
January 9, 2022
Great product needs a little tweaking.
I thought the color would be a lighter pink. Kinda reminds me of pepto. Other than color Im disappointed that it leaks when its on its side. Ive even tried to figure out the seal and cant figure out why its leaking. Sucks when you bend over and water drips out. Other than that its great. I bought one for my daughter and she loves it too. Its a great size for carrying and I love the strap because I always have 1 million bags and not enough hands. Even had one of my service sisters get one for deployment. Great because you never know when youll have water.
S Review from
June 10, 2021
Helping Me Reach My Goals
I am loving my lavender hydrojug. I wanted something to inspire me to drink more water as I wasnt drinking nearly enough each day. The color is so pretty & I carry it with me everywhere. Its a great size. I love not having to fill it up but once or twice. Relatively easy to clean. The only negative thing about it which really isnt too big a deal is the flip top lid. Sometimes it doesnt catch all the way so I really have to double and triple check to make sure its closed. Its not indestructible, but it works well for my needs. Looking forward to purchasing more fun colors & sleeves soon.
Megan C. Review from
January 1, 2022
Love the colour combo
I have diabetes insipidus, so I drink a lot of water every day. I love the amount this bottle holds. The large lid is great for refilling it quickly. And the design of the handle integrated into the bottle is very much needed to help lift it up when its full of water. I bought the 2021 black friday special. However I didn't like the camel colour bottle it came with, so I got this black one to match the sleeve. I gifted on the camel colour bottle and bought the pebbles sleeve to match. My only complaint, is that with ice cold water added into the bottle and with the sleeve on, I find it doesn't
Allie B. Review from
September 11, 2021
Its alright
I like hydrojug for the fact that Im able to take it to work with me and have a water supply all day and not have to worry about continuing to fill up a bottle. However I do some faults in the product. I have many jugs and products the company. Ive seen a theme with the lid not staying on securely and having a hard time with it not popping open. Ive had this happen often. You really have to push hard to keep it closed. I also find an issue with the straws. The mouth pieces have a hard time staying on and once theyre washed a few times they use their shape and cant be used anymore. Overall I lo
Taylor F. Review from
June 21, 2021
Cant live without my HydroJugs!
After discovering the Hydrojug brand my life has changed for the better I always hated having to carry plastic bottles around or cups that leaked easily and then having to refill them multiple times a day, it just didnt work for me. Now after finding Hydrojug through Instagram I literally dont leave the house without one of my jugs with me. I was able to increase my water intake and cut out soda and other sugary drinks. (Yay!) Now I carry my jug with me and by the time I get home its usually empty or close to it. Theres no better feeling than making healthy changes in your life and Hydrojug wa
Alicia A. Review from
October 13, 2021
Nice for everyone
Honestly I thought this was a ridiculous thing for me to buy because Im a stay-at-home-mom with super easy access to my kitchen. I workout at home and run. Because I dont go to a gym and because I definitely cant run with this monstrosity, I felt silly; but, my sister lured me in with Labor Day sales and coupon codes. I got the jug, straw, and sleeve with strap. Anyway, I use it every day. Its actually much more convenient than having to fill up a smaller bottle or a glass multiple times a day and it does help me keep better track of water intake. Also, I have used the strap a few times when r
Melody S. Review from
May 10, 2021
In love with these!
I ordered the white and the pink color bottles which are exactly as expected. I also ordered a straw and a carrying case (leopard print) which I absolutely love. My youngest even loves them and HAS to drink from mommys big jug! The only thing I wish that couldve been a little different was the straw, sometimes I have to fish it out of the jug and it just floats around. Maybe if theres a way to have it attach to the opening of the jug that would be awesome!!! Still give it 5 stars!! When it came to tracking my package it went great, unfortunately on my end it told me it was delivered and I neve
Brittany O. Review from
January 22, 2022
Favorite of my 3 Jugs
This is actually my third jug, and my favorite yet. It literally goes with any sleeve. I currently have it paired with the Candy Spice sleeve, but Ive held it against 5 other sleeves and its very versatile! The pink is dull which I love, yet also bright, and just very pretty. Aside from color, it doesnt leak, mouth is wide enough for all the fruit I stuff in my water, and it fits both the classic and pro sleeves. I love that it goes to 73 oz, so Im still getting a whole half gallon plus room for ice and fruit. Im in love and have been gifting these to friends, and its now their favorite jug to
Gabby Review from
October 3, 2021
Clear classic jug
I looooove love love my clear jug! Its so fun to dress it up in different sleeves and different color lid combos. This just is so fun and versatile. At first i thought i would never buy a clear hydrojug. I thought it would be boring to have a plain clear see through jug. It has actually become my most favorite jug and the one i use 95 percent of the time! It just goes so well with literally any sleeve. I love that you can mix and match the sleeves and lids to make more fun combos. Defiantly recommend a clear jug!
Gemma P. Review from
September 5, 2021
Amazing amazing amazing
This is my third jug purchase ha! I have one with a holder that I attach my portable dog bowl too and it comes with me on all my hikes, picnics, trips etc to hydrate myself and my pup! The second one I have I use at work along with my raspberry and lemon electrolytes. Because I drink so much water, its easier for me to not get up 50 times a day to refill my water cup! The three one I have is for around the house! I keep it by my bed usually. They are amazing! Only thing to mention is to ensure you are cleaning them very well after using the electrolyte powder. It can leave a gross film inside!
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