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How You Can Be A Better Nurse

5 Helpful Tips to Reassure Your Caregiving Instinct

Being a better nurse is an everyday job. Be committed and provide the best possible bedside care to every patient. Remember you can’t be in two places at the same time, no matter how good or experienced you may be, you can only be in one place at a time. Take time to do what you have to do correctly, make the most of every moment and assignment, do the best you can, focus on patient care and what you can provide. Embrace and reassure your caregiving instinct.

Keep in mind that caring for patients is your most important duty.

Five helpful tips:

  1. Focus on your patients’ needs. Connect & communicate.

    Patients need to know you care about them. Do not lose connection.

    When you have many things to do sometimes, you try to be ahead of what you are doing, focusing on your next task or assignment instead of being focused on your actual patient and his or her needs.

    Communicate, know their name and last name. Listen to them if they can talk and ask them how they like to be called, empathize, make them feel comfortable when you are there and even when you are not by their side, letting them know that they can call you whenever they need you. Make eye contact, talk to them, ask them how they feel, let them know what you will do, explain every step so they won’t feel anxious. Always make them feel respected, satisfied and safe.

    Remember every patient is vulnerable and is depending on your care and help to feel better. You spend more contact time with patients than doctors. Concentrate on that moment with them and make the best of it, for them and you. You can notice symptoms and gather vital information from your patient or their family.

    Every information received is significant and crucial to provide the help and cooperation needed.

    You can’t have the same speech for every patient. Learn how to handle different sensitive situations. Do not over-communicate, if a patient is in pain they will not be able to concentrate and pay attention to what you tell them. Be calm and provide every patient the best bedside care they can have.

  1. Be organized and be on time.

    Be proactive.

    Arrive at least 30 minutes before your shift starts.

    Take time for yourself before you start your working hours, relax, and concentrate on all you will need to do.

    It will help you have time to collect all the information you will need before visiting any patient; Records, charts, and medical information.

    Think ahead and mind plan any possible difficult situation and how you should react to it.

    Being there early will also help you avoid any possible stress.

  1. Work hand in hand with your co-workers.

    Encourage teamwork.

    Make friends, help, collaborate and cooperate. Working together and helping each other when needed is the key to provide patients the best health care.

    Learn how to be a team member instead of a solo worker.

    Be helpful and also ask for help and guidance if you need it. Communicate with your co-workers. Together you can ease any pressure and learn from each other.

    If there is a nurse you admire, with more experience, watch them and learn, arrange a time with them for some questions, answers, and guidance. Look for mentoring. Give back whenever you can, teach and mentor others on what you might be better at. Share knowledge and skills and that way you will support success.

  1. Take time for yourself.

    Slow down and avoid stress, health issues, and working mistakes.

    Exercise, travel and spend time with family and friends. Socialize. Once you take time for yourself that will be very positive for you personally and it will help you improve and boost your mind and working abilities.

    It is very common for nurses to skip meals and regular food breaks. You usually drink more coffee than water, and that won’t help your brain function at its best. You need to be hydrated and have at least regular healthy snacks along your working hours. Try always to have some nutritious energy boosting foods like protein bars, granola, oatmeal or healthy crackers in hand. Eat healthily and take care of yourself.

  1. Keep learning and Improve your working skills.

    There are always new techniques to learn and skills that can be improved. Vital signs: pulse, blood pressure, temperature (oral, rectal and axillary), a straight and indwelling catheter (insertion/removal), perineal, and more. Practice and master.

    That is why being work updated leads to better results.

    Learning will keep you motivated. You will feel happy doing what you love every day. It will help you work-wise being a better nurse and personally because if you are content and motivated it will also boost your everyday relations and life.

    Find out what you like the most about nursing and keep updated with videos, magazines, blogs, books, seminars, podcasts, or webinars. Be positive and nurture your skills and abilities.

Remember, being a better nurse is an everyday job.

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