Wound Glossary
Folliculitis - A common skin condition
Folliculitis – A common skin condition
Have you been experiencing small painful pimple-like lesions on the skin? You might be affected by folliculitis. view more
Surgical Wounds
A surgical wound is a cut or incision that occurs during surgery. view more
Dry Wound Healing
Dry wound healing encompasses leaving the wound uncovered and hence exposed to open air, therefore view more
Optimal Care for Chronic Wounds
A chronic wound refers to a lesion which causes a break in the skin and which may also generate dama view more
How to Change a Wound Dressing?
A wound dressing consists of a healing soft material or bandage which is placed on an open injury to view more
Wounds Pain Control
Understanding the different types of pain can greatly help to better control and evaluate wound pain view more
Distinguishing an Infected Wound and its Treatment
Wounds become infected when the skin loses its continuity and has been in contact with contaminating view more
Wound Videos
Chronic Wounds
A chronic wound is that which has experienced a disruption of the healing process and does not show view more
The Dreaded Scars
A scar is basically a mark left on the skin and it is part of the last phase of the view more
Unpleasant Smell Originating from Wounds
An unpleasant smell originating from a wound does not pose any risk to a patient. However, it may be view more
Diagnosing Infected Wounds: Care and Treatment
It is important to be aware of the possible signs and symptoms that may appear once the wound has go view more
Wounds and Mental State
Wounds are normally described as an alteration or damage to the well being of tissues and skin cells view more
Controlling Wound Pain
Pain is referred to as an unpleasant feeling of of physical suffering as a result of an injury or i view more
Ways to Keep Eczema Under Control
Eczema, also called atopic dermatitis is a condition which causes the skin to become irritated and s view more
Diabetes and its Effect on Wounds
Diabetes is a long lasting condition which occurs due to the body not being able to control the amou view more
What is Stevens-Johnson Syndrome?
Stevens-Johnson syndrome is a rare disease of the skin and mucous membranes that occurs with very pa view more