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AUG Medical From: 70.100.302 To: 80.100.304 - Maxlite - F.O Wisconsin/Foregger Blade Warmlite C

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AUG Medical:
70.100.302 - 80.100.304
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70.100.302Maxlite F.O Wisconsin/Foregger BladeSize 2Each
70.100.303Maxlite F.O Wisconsin/Foregger BladeSize 3Each
70.100.304Maxlite F.O Wisconsin/Foregger BladeSize 4Each
80.100.302Warmlite C Wisconsin/Foregger BladeSize 2Each
80.100.303Warmlite C Wisconsin/Foregger BladeSize 3Each
80.100.304Warmlite C Wisconsin/Foregger BladeSize 4Each
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Maxlite - F.O Wisconsin/Foregger Blade Size 2
More Information
Manufacturer AUG Medical
Categories Laryngoscope Parts, Medical Equipment Parts, Condition, Laryngoscope Blade, Respiratory Therapy Parts, Tracheostomy, Tracheostomy Parts
Code 70.100.302 - 80.100.304
Require Prescription? No
Store Respiratory Care|Whole Surgical|Wound Treatment
Score: 4.5 from 1 - 5
34 Review
BW Outfitters Review from
May 6, 2021
Effective Hunting Tool
I use this BH for big game hunting, and it is a part of my trad arrow setup. My carbon arrow setup (Black Eagle Vintage w/ insert and 225 gr SteelForce) was about 550 grains. A steep downhill shot on a WT buck penetrated scapula and farside humerus, and proved lethal. Afterwards it cleaned and sharpened up for more hunts. My experience the bevel angle is 28 degrees and hone up nicely. They are accurate and effective.
Luke Review from
June 1, 2020
Good broadheads
Bought a pack of the right bevel, 225gr heads as I am switching over from light arrows with 100gr mechanicals to a heavy arrow/broadhead combo. They come fairly sharp out of the package but I spent some time to get them razor sharp. They fly well out to 50yds with my 70 lb compound bow. Finally had the opportunity to shoot them at an animal. Shot an 80lb boar in the upper chest/shoulder and the arrow passed through and exited behind the ribs, burying up to the fletching in the ground. The hog ran less than 10 yds before it fell over and passed. I don't think my previous arrow setup would have
TacoTruck Review from
January 3, 2021
I have been bow hunting for a long time and I recently decided to switch to Traditional Archery for hunting. I purchased these Broadheads and am absolutely blown away at how sharp they are. I literally cut my finger opening the packaging. I then shot the head into a left over ballistic gel block from another experiment I did recently and the penetration was beyond what I expected. I am literally purchasing another pack of these right after I finish this review.
Brian Review from
May 11, 2016
Good heavy broadhead
I couldn't quite get in range of a 62" bull moose last season so my buddy ended up shooting it with his rifle. Once it was down I took the opportunity to test out this 300grain broadhead's penetration. Shooting from about 10 yards away with a #55 Fred Bear Super Grizzly drawing 29". Launching Carbon Express Heritage arrows with a 150 grain insert. With that setup I felt like I was ready to take down an elephant. To my surprise I only got about 8-9" of penetration from the tip of the broadhead. Which in my mind is not sufficient enough to expect a quick kill. Hitting a rib each time didn't help
Prof. Salt Review from
April 11, 2018
Very Effective
After deer season I decided to move to heavier single bevel heads to get more penetration on the pigs that roam our property. Last week I had a chance to hunt, and the 200 lb boar that came out didn't make it back to the brush. The quartering away shot was a little high and severed his spine completely, and then passed through the pig. When I got home it only took a few strokes on a diamond stone to regain that shaving sharp edge. A 300 grain head will require you to adjust sight pins, but with results like this I was glad to move them down!
Lefty Review from
September 29, 2015
Worth a try if your a Dr Ed Ashby fan
Did make S cut on inspection, deer only went 30 yards. I actually shot a 650 gn arrow with the 225 gn single bevel through an old thick 55 gal drum with my Earl Hoyt Jr Rouge, resharpened it with the KME (below) and ready to go again. I will never use anything other than a single bevel now that I got smarter. Used Bear broad heads for years. I used the KME Self-Aligning Broadhead Sharpening Jig and made them razor sharp using different grades of sandpaper and a strop. If you learn how to sharpen you can put a mirror edge on the bevel, then you can see reflections in it.
Buckiejones Review from
October 19, 2014
Great Blades For Modern Bows
I shoot theses blades tipped on Carbon Express full length Pile Driver Hunter 350 arrows from a Mathews Creed XS Bow at 27 inch draw at around 64 Pounds. What is not to love about these blades . They fly like field points, provide bone crushing penetration, provide fast kill, and with a little effort can be sharpened razor sharp as they come in the package if they become dull. The only one thing I can see not to love is the blade locking system which is a rear lock washer that has a groove that the rear of blade fits through and then twists to hold in place. As long as it is tight you will hav
Trapped in the city Review from
September 20, 2014
Received item different than depicted
I ordered the 300 gr. right bevel broadheads. The broadheads I received had a right bevel with a counter bevel (left bevel) on the point. The counter bevel works against the purpose of the single bevel broadhead, which is to form a rotating wound path. I am thinking the manufacturer did this to get it patented. Patented doesn't make it better, only different. In my opinion, this difference makes the product worse, not better. Product was not as depicted in photograph or description. If Steel Force makes a true single bevel broadhead in 300 grain weight, I would like to exchange.
Sam Review from
October 27, 2015
Great broadhead
These fly just like my field points. I could tell right away I was getting better penetration on my target than with the previous 125 gr 2 blades with bleeder I was using. And last one found its mark on a nice buck. Broadside w/ slight quarter away. The arrow passed all the way through destroying both lungs. Didn't hit any bone however. Broadhead unfazed, ready to hunt after rinsing off. Short blood trail. I was using a 50# pse legacy longbow and the 225 gr option.
The_Decoy Review from
August 17, 2012
Solid Broadhead
The Steel Force Premium Traditional Series 2-Blade Screw-in Broadheads are heavy and solid! They're similiar in shape to some other more expensive brands of similiar style, but quite a bit less. So far I've only used these shooting a foam block and they seem to have no problems. I plan on using them to hunt with. I haven't seen any flight issues, but then again I'm only shooting 30 yards max. Comparing these to the other brand of broadhead that's similiar to these, I prefer these. These ones are less expensive and I prefer the design. They don't have that little razor sharp blade on the back o
Ryan T Review from
June 26, 2015
Beautiful and deadly!
The simple design and great price in comparison to the quality easily explains why they are in "Backorder" status so often. I bought 3 originally to test and they are amazing in game. Even after a pass through and ending up in some rocky soil, the edges were still sharp and with a few strokes on a diamond stone, the briadhead was ready to go back to the field. The weights are great, as I prefer heavy blades, as they offer a wide range. They fly consistently well and allow for great rotation. That is why I ordered more and my hunting arrows are now all topped with this beautiful but deadly broa
Cully Review from
January 28, 2015
Great broadhead!!!
These single-bevel broadheads are super sharp right out of the box. Wanted to test for rotation (to verify the statement that they will rotate through material) and they do! I placed the broadhead on an arrow shaft and tapped it through a foam target (Black Hole) which is 10 inches thick. The broadhead rotated 90 degrees every time, regardless of broadhead orientation on the target at the entry point. Can't wait for hunting season. These broadheads are worth every penny!
Jody Review from
September 6, 2012
Excellent...just as I expected
The SteelForce Premiums are a great single-beveled, cut-on-contact, two blade broadhead. They are sharp out of the package. They are extremely well made. I think that they are a good product for the price. I plan to hunt whitetails this year with these broadheads. They fly well and are overall a great broadhead. I have been looking for a single-beveled, cut-on-contact, two blade broadhead with a 3 to 1 ratio of length to width; this is the one that I have been looking for. I have tried several different broadheads in the past, and this one suits my needs the best, by far. I would recommend the
Dorado Review from
February 7, 2015
Wicked broadheads
I ordered the 225gr heads as I am planning on hog hunting with them and they should be able to penetrate very well. They seem well built and the warrenty is great. I did find that they were lighter than what they are marked. I weighed each one and found them to be about 7 grains light. A simple 5gr weight I already had fixed that well enough. Other than the weight issue I have no other faults with these broadheads.
Gerald Review from
July 28, 2014
Fine so far.
So far I have only used at a target. The broadheads appear well constructed and sharp. I am using a 60 lb PSE compound bow. After adjusting the rest, I am able to shoot an arrow tipped with a 225 gr target point and balanced at the same point [from the nock] to the same point of impact [or so it seems with my skill level] as the broadhead. They seem to penetrate well. I have my sight pins set for 125 gr points; with these 225 gr points, however, I use the pins for 10 yards closer and this seems to work well.
stephenr3087 Review from
August 3, 2021
Well worth the extra money
These broadheads are wicked. They fly much better than I expected and they will take a very durable sharpening.
Smithhammer Review from
August 15, 2012
Seriously impressive
This is one wicked broadhead. A 3:1 ratio, single bevel with a tanto tip - the SF Trad will plow through just about anything it needs to. Right out of the package they fly as good, if not better, than my field points. No wobble, no planing, nothing - just dead on accurate with no additional tuning required. While they arrived quite sharp already, with a few minutes on the KME they are now ridiculously sharp. I'm sold.
Creekbottom Curs Review from
October 2, 2013
Well built head
Broadheads come out of the package extremely sharp. They are well made just like every steelforce product. They shoot the same as my 125 grain field points and I can see no planing out of my hoyt recurve. I have not shot an animal with one yet, so I cannot say anything to the durability. That is why I only gave it 4 stars. After I kill something with one, I will revisit this review.
Super-Shrew4Life Review from
October 25, 2011
Bunker buster!
Bareshaft tuned with the 225GR fieldpoints I also purchased from 3R. Then Screwed these onto my mfx classics with 5" sheilds, they all spin true and fly like darts. Never even slowed down on a beefy 140lb corn-field doe at 15yds. Went in behind the shoulder, exited through the far side front leg and buried in the ground on the other side and was ready to use again as soon as I cleaned the mud and blood off. I think they are every bit as good as my Ashbys for half the price.
BB Review from
September 5, 2014
I wouldn't consider these sharp out of the box and the bevel is set at a rather steep angle. They are durable (accidentally shot one into some hard wood and it didn't break then or when pulling it out with vise grips and a pry bar). Blade is easy to remove from the ferrule for sharpening.
#1 BIG COB Review from
April 9, 2014
I used them on a few refurbished 2219GG,
I fletched a group of 1970 era 2219 Gamegetters,I used the screw in heads. They penetrated almost three quarters into my almost new block target. I shoot a 73# Martin 62 inch Hunter. If they don't break elk ribs, nothing will!
Crooked arrow Review from
August 16, 2021
I would buy this head
Very accurate and easy to sharpen will be using these this season
Pat Review from
January 6, 2022
Okay broadhead
These are good but not as strong and one piece heads obviously
Paladin Review from
January 21, 2011
Steel Force Broadhead Knife
I made a handy knife using a Steel Force broadhead and the Traditional Only broadhead holder. I placed a giant washer between the broadhead and holder to prevent my hand from slipping on to the shape blade. Since many archers would have two of these items anyway, adding the washer provides the items for a emengency knife.
NorthernCaliforniaHunter Review from
February 10, 2010
Oh what a broadhead!
What a well crafted broadhead! For the price you just can't get any better, and I know these will be in my tackle for a long time. They fly beautifully, come out of the box sharp (though they become SCARY-SHARP with just a little bit of lovin') and you can't beat a company that will stand behind a warranty and sharpening policy like these guys have. I'm very impressed.
Buckbuster Review from
March 29, 2015
Not my favorite
Bought two packages (6)and had to sharpen all 6 broad heads, would not slice paper or shave arm hair. One broad head was loose in the ferrule and Steel Force replaced it promptly so customer service was A+.
twotone Review from
July 17, 2013
steel force 225 grain 2 bladed broadhead
just what I was looking for in a broadhead. I was needing a straighter flight and more penetration. I got both in this steel force broadhead.
Drifter Review from
January 6, 2015
best I've ever used!!!!
Blew through the chest cavity of a mature whitetail and still razor sharp! I couldn't imagine using a better broad head.
STP Review from
January 20, 2014
Dead hog
Excellent broadhead at a great price. Easy to sharpen and passed through a Texas hog while creating a good blood trail.
black jacques she Review from
June 6, 2011
not so shure
the blade is perfectly crafted as well as being very sharp but the ferrule is aluminium and seems to be the weak link
Nate Review from
April 7, 2021
MC Review from
September 25, 2009
Good heavy broadhead
Fly very straight. Great for those who likes a heavy arrow.
bowman45 Review from
August 10, 2010
Great product
great broad head, flys straight,easy to sharpen
J GARRETT Review from
January 12, 2015
would buy again
love them
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