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3M - 1582B-1583B - Coban Self-adherent Wrap

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1583BCoban Blu3"CS
1582BSelf-Adherent Wrap2" X 5 YdsCase of 36
1582BCoban Non-Sterile Self-Adherent Wrap2"x 5 ydsEach
1583BCoban Non-Sterile Self-Adherent Wrap3"x 5 ydsEach
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  • functions Like A Tape, But Sticks Only To Itself
  • \
  • laminate Of Nonwoven Material And Elastic Fibers Placed \ Lengthwise To Provide Elasticity
  • \
  • sticks To Itself Without Need For Adhesive, Pins Or Clips
  • \
  • fast And Easy Application
  • \
  • wrap Will Not Slip, Eliminating Need For Frequent \ Readjustment
  • \
  • comfortable, Lightweight And Porous
  • \
  • protects Primary Dressings
  • \
  • provides Desired Amount Of Compression At Time Of \ Application
  • \
  • contains Latex
  • \
\ \
More Information
Manufacturer 3M
Brand Coban
Code 1582B-1583B
Require Prescription? No
Score: 4.3 from 1 - 5
50 Review
Kirsten D. Review from
April 26, 2022
Save time and improve efficiency with pre-fabrication
In some cases, a pre-fabricated orthotic can save time, improve efficiency in splint application and serve as a cosmetically appealing Polyform base to which adjustments can be easily made with hot water or a heat gun. Rather than starting from scratch, this pre-fabricated option may offer a helpful start to fabrication or allow for simple application of posterior elbow orthotics ~Dr. Kirsten Davin, OTD, OTR/L, ATP, SMS
Claudia Review from
December 12, 2020
OUTRAGIOUS Shipping Charges even with free ship
Beware of extremely high shipping charges on this Great Product. I brought this to Supreme Med's attention 3 times, and they indicated that I clicked for the $60.00 shipping fee and tax. Minus 3 stars for the 3 attempts I made to resolve with this seller. AVOID AVOID AVOID. I will get it through the WALGREENS Drive -Through next time I need bandage tape.
Geoffrey H. Review from
February 24, 2021
Clever product
I highly recommend this 3M Coban tape. Having a product that sticks only to itself is clever. Although designed for medical purposes (so that the underlying tissue is not affected), I have found it to be very useful in a range of applications. It works well.
Suzanne S. Review from
October 19, 2021
Great find
Pros: 3M Coban LF Beige Self-Adherent Closure Tape it's exactly what I needed. Con: Just thinner. However, serves its purpose and that is what I looked at.
Betz Review from
September 7, 2021
Need better decription!!!!!!
Don't be deceived by describion or picture . You only receive 1 roll! Very pricey since it's only for 1 roll! Describion should be made clearer.
RC C. Review from
July 9, 2022
Quite Pleased
As a RN for 40 years I have an eye for quality healthcare products. I found the Products to be first rate, attractive price and Very quick delivery. I will be looking to Carewell for any future healthcare needs
jesseritz Review from
June 6, 2019
Genuine Coban Sticks to itself, and not your Skin
20 years ago I had a bursa sac break in my thumb; it got big and tender. I already had 1" Coban, so I wrapped it around the thumb to protect it from getting hit. Imagine my surprise when the swelling went down! My doctor said it would likely happen again; it did... on the other thumb. Wrapped that with Coban and I've kept Coban on my thumbs and index fingers whenever doing hard work, for 20 years! I slip my 'thumb things' off when I wash, and slip them back on again; they last for weeks doing ordinary work, less when working hard.
Julie Review from
February 10, 2021
Great for helping to keep the bleeding stopped.
I needed something to wrap around gauze when I cut myself and bleed too much. This helps me keep the bleeding stopped. I had an er doc use it once over a gauze bandage. It works great. Just don't keep it on all day or night.
Review from
January 7, 2022
Size is wrong
I ordered the extra large as my patient has an elbow circumference of 38 cm. When the support came, the sizing on the box says that XL is for 29-32 cm. Please change your size chart on the website.
Review from
August 6, 2013
The ONLY solution to wound care for the elderly
My 92 year old stepfather must take two doses of Plavix blood thinner a day, as he is allergic to aspirin. He's also quite active and manages to tear his paper-thin skin frequently. Traditional bandages and even paper tape peel away the healing skin and start the gusher of blood again. We discovered Coban, used with the new non-stick and non-shedding gauze-like bandage. He loves Coban and needs it frequently, so I was delighted to find Vitality Medical's site, where I could easily order multiple rolls in different sizes for a fraction of the cost at the drugstore. I've even used Coban to repai
alyssa.c Review from
June 7, 2018
This compression bandage is pretty neat. It adheres to itself and makes it really easy to use. You do not have to worry about having bandage clips - or loosing them. Simply wrap the bandage around the place you're wrapping and tare off when you want to end. You don't even need scissors. Especially good for applying pressure to IV sites after removal.
Review from
November 8, 2019
This Conan self adhering wrap is a life saver. It's good for anyone that has a reaction to the adhesives on bandages. I used this after an amputation with several gauze pads to compress and shape. When squeezed it takes on the shape of whatever it's around. Easy to take off in most cases.
M Review from
December 22, 2018
Inconsistent quality - cannot rely on the product any longer
We have used the product for mild compression for the leg for about 30 years. Over the last 2-3 years we have gotten rolls that do not adhere to themselves and are therefore not usable. Very disappointing to be unable to rely on a product that has been so essential. We had to switch brands
Janine G. Review from
December 27, 2020
3 M corban self adherent wrap. Highly Recommended.
Love this stuff! I use it to help keep dressings on my husbands wounds. Does not come off until I take it off!
Jim B. Review from
May 21, 2022
Very good self adherent tape. Provides the right amount of compression for my finger following recent surgery.
Lisa Review from
May 20, 2022
We are very sad to know we will be with out this.
Special Olympics needed this.!! We could have used this.!! But we didn't get this.!!!!!!!!!! Thanks.
Review from
February 27, 2012
Coban Wrap - expensive but good
My occupational therapist handed me a roll of 3M Coban and showed me how to use it. The roll did not go very far and I checked out my local drugstore. This product is absurdly expensive so I bought a couple of ace type bandages. They did the same thing but were not as easily adjustable as the Coban in tight quarters. Coban is better for fingers, and is more convenient. In the end, I went online and found better prices than at my drugstore. If you can get past the price, Coban is probably worth the cost of admission (so to speak).
Review from
April 17, 2011
Rely on Medipore H Soft Cloth Surgical Tape
I have an allergy to latex products but Medipore H Soft Cloth Surgical Tape is pretty good as it is soft latex-free, hypoallergenic, conformable tape. The highlighting feature of this tape is its gentleness and stronger adhesion in terms of application. The sizes and the color of these tapes may vary. The risk of allergy or skin irritation is alleviated with this surgical tape. I love this product due to its porous nature and now my skin can breathe normally.
Eddie L Review from
April 6, 2020
Thank you for carrying products made in the U.S.A.
Good adhesive bandage that comes conveniently in individually packaged rolls. Made in the U.S.A.! This helps keep a gauze or bandaid in place, especially if you are playing sports.
Amy D. Review from
September 29, 2020
I use this on my dogs when they injure themselves from running too hard. It works great! I wish the FSA Store offered fun colors though.
Review from
January 17, 2012
Many uses for Coban Self Adherent Wrap
I use the Coban Self Adherent Wrap for my wrist and/or ankle, depending on what may be needing it at the time. I also use Coban Self Adherent Wrap for my putter when I play golf. It adds a nice, comfortable feel to the handle and it really keeps the handle from getting slippery when playing in the rain. I love all of the various uses that Coban Self Adherent Wrap can be used for and I highly recommend this product to anyone looking for secure wrapping.
Cheryle H. Review from
June 28, 2022
Cohesive tape
Great for people allergic to sticky plaster. Easy to apply as well
Charles T. Review from
March 11, 2018
Great stuff
Being allergic to the adhesives on most bandages and medical tape has made it necessary for me to search for alternative bandaging materials. This stuff is fabulous, and if I need a stiffer/ stronger wrap I can use regular med tape over this.
Mary H. Review from
August 14, 2019
Flexible, gentle tape
This product is not easy to find in the stores. I use it to wrap toes. I works! It is easy to apply, easy to take off and doesn't leave adhesive . Thank you!
Review from
January 4, 2013
3M Coban Tape
Awesome tape. I recently had finger surgery and I was given a roll of this tape. It worked great but couldn't find this brand anywhere. I bought a cheap version which was horrible. I finally found the 3M brand and it is wonderful. Does not stick to skin and stays on all day.
Dave Review from
January 10, 2020
Coban brand overrated
It appeared to be heat sealed. I had to waste half a roll just to get it started. Also its overpriced compared to Equate which is easier to unwrap.
Review from
January 7, 2013
Great stuff
This wrap was first used on my husband when he was having chemo. We found out then that this product prevents brusing and helps your blood to clot faster. I have used it on all kinds of scrapes and cuts and it really hleps to cut down on the healing time. Obviously you need to use a none stick bandage underneath the wrap. It's great!
Adriana Review from
April 9, 2015
I was pleasantly surprised when I saw this product in The white is easily found in pharmacies but not the beige. Used it for both my injured knee and ankle for a competition and it held up quite well. Provided the right amount of support.
Review from
August 19, 2014
My husband burned the shin on his leg very bad about 5 years ago. The skin is very thin and any bump makes a new sore. We can not use tape as it pulls the skin off. This wraps around and sticks to itself and can be reused a few times. A great product
Lorna P. Review from
May 4, 2020
Great stuff... Really fast delivery!!
Great stuff... Really fast delivery!! Very friendly staff Definitely will use you again!!
Michael S Review from
October 4, 2018
HPFY maintains an impressive stock of items.
I have used this wrap before, purchased from another outlet, and it's exactly what I require. HPFY had the exact same wrap and quite reasonably priced.
Review from
April 15, 2011
So versatile!!
Please don't think it's just normal simple wrap. Of course it's wrap basically for your wounds though you can use it in many different ways. For example, I use it for my bags to have some style. After using this for my wound I found that the colors are so vivid and pretty. Guess you can have the same benefit from it like I have!
Review from
April 23, 2012
3M Coban
Thank you to Vitality Medical for carrying the Coban product. Coban has become part of my daily life and without the use of it I would be lost and in a lot of pain. I priced different medical stores on the internet for the 3M coban and no one was able to beat Vitality Medical's price. Thank you again Vitality Medical for supplying the public with your products.
Review from
April 7, 2011
Coban Self Adherent Wrap Review
I just got freed from a splint last week. I just have to comment that this self adherent wrap helped me through the 1 month of "splint days". Aside from being very comfortable, because I didn't have to use clips or tapes to hold it, it really looked cute on me because of the color ( I chose yellow). And now that it's gone, I actually miss it, my wardrobe feels incomplete.
Judith A.L. Review from
November 1, 2021
Just what we wanted and needed for my husbands lymphedema wraps.
simran Review from
July 16, 2012
This was the worst wrap I ever bought. I bought two wraps and used them both the first day to go play soccer. I got back and tried to take 'em off and both of then ripped. Both wraps have huge holes or missing parts of it. Just because its cheap don't buy it, unless your just wearing them at home.
Camille S Review from
July 25, 2021
This is something that we use on a very regular basis, so it makes sense to buy in bulk. This is a good price for buying in bulk
Review from
January 3, 2013
love this stuff
coban, or vetwrap - is probably the greatest thing since sliced bread - or perhaps since autoclaves. Easy to use, stays put, releases easily, sticks to itself, not the patient, comes in fun colors for the kids and adults who could use some cheering up - a fantastic product that belongs in every physicians office and first aid kit.
Review from
June 3, 2012
Good stuff. Does what it says it does.
Good stuff. Does what is says it does. It took me some practice wrapping to get the tension just right, so it wouldn't feel too tight. I used it to support my wrist for hours of using pruners. It did reduce the stress on my body.
Review from
June 4, 2012
Review from
February 10, 2013
Great for people with adhesive allergies
I like this product because, I have an adhesive allergy and there is little out in the market to use without adhesives. I even can't use bandaids. So, I use Coban, and gauze for cuts, scrapes, etc. Thank you for your products.
Diane D. Review from
June 1, 2022
This bandage is very good
This bandage is very good and suits my needs.
Review from
January 31, 2013
Great product
This is a great wrap for our application. Material is easy to apply, great adherence properties and easy to remove. Very durable. Did I say this is a great wrap.
Review from
April 12, 2013
Superb Adherent Wrap
This product has no equal when one needs to apply pressure to a wound on an appendage. Perhaps that's why they are ubiquitous in hospital and clinical labs to use after blood draws. Nothing beats them.
Review from
November 22, 2013
Amazing product
Easy to wrap my missing appendage to protect from bumps while doing construction. Offer cushioning and the added pressure decreases pain. Performs far better than I ever imagined
Review from
May 14, 2012
Excellent for thin skinned people
My skin has gotten thinner over the years; so thin in fact, a bandaid pulls the skin off when I use one. Since I found Coban Wrapping Tape, all I do now is use a gauze pad then wrap the injury with your product. Great!
Review from
November 5, 2014
I decided to order the coban wrap because the paper tape sometimes left a residue on the patients arm that only alchol wipes can remove. I will definitely reorder this product from Vitality Medical
Review from
March 24, 2013
Coban wrap
I have plantar fasciitis and I use Coban Self Adherent Wrap to wrap my arches when I work out. Vitality Medical has the best prices and fastest delivery! I would recommend Vitality Medical to everyone!!
Review from
March 2, 2013
Coban tape is the bomb
I bought this Coban tape to wrap a broken finger and it's incredible. Sticks to itself and stays right where you put it. Vitality Medical sold it at a reasonable price and it was delivered quickly.
Review from
February 21, 2013
My doctor recommended the Coban Wrap and it is great!
I had surgery on Jan. 10th and needed quite a bit of this tape. It works great and stays on really well. Shipping was fast and we are happy with the product and company. Thanks
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