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3M - 207313-207315 - Ace Elastic Bandage

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207313Ace Elastic Bandage4"Each
207313Elastic Bandage with Clip4"72 / Case
207314Ace Elastic Bandage3"Each
207315Ace Elastic Bandage with Clips6"Each
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  • all-cotton, Elastic Bandage With Clips Provides Firm Support \ And Compression For Sprains And Strains
  • \
  • retains Elasticity After Repeated Use
  • \
  • ideal For Wrist, Foot, Ankle And Elbow
  • \
\ \
More Information
Manufacturer 3M
Brand Ace
Code 207313-207315
Require Prescription? No
Score: 4.3 from 1 - 5
48 Review
willie111 Review from
December 20, 2021
elastic bandage with ace clip 4 inch black
ace package sez NO METAL CLIPS on top right side with pic of metal clips with a cross out. It has a plastic/velcro clip that works well and helps prevent TSA secondary search at airports. Can't find it anywhere. Where do I buy this from? Can you just buy the plastic/velco clips? I wear them every day to prevent leg swelling. no skin ulcers since wearing them for over 10 years! Please help with this.
Tim Review from
August 27, 2021
The bandage wrap is well made!
I already have two rolls of it, but it's always a great addition to 1st Aid kits that go into vehicles. The bandage doesn't curl up. Despite putting the bandage wrap through the washer and dryer, it looks as though it's brand new. The one negative feature is a minor one, The fastening clips are useless! They easily fall off the bandage wrap, and don't feel good, if you happen to step on one barefoot, Toss the clips away and secure the wrap with athlete's tape,
Arnetage Review from
March 25, 2021
Accidents will happen; and unfortunately when I missed a step and crashed onto the ground, I twisted my ankle really bad. I had to wait a week for delivery; but knew this bandage would save me. It did. The compression helped gradually reduce the edema, and pain as well. Problem is, the clips to hold it together are really cheap and flimsy; considering the high cost of the bandage, you would think we could get these much stronger and better made! They fall off easily, and got caught in my blankets or clothing. Other than that, is it is wise to have one of these ace bandages for an emergency; be
Carolyn Review from
June 30, 2022
Almost Impossible to Keep Clipped
I found the bandage extremely difficult to wrap and clip; I needed an extra hand! The wrapping was difficult (especially with the right amount of compression) but the clipping was almost impossible. The clips kept coming unattached (sometimes at both ends) and when they fell they are so light that I couldn't tell where they landed.
Review from
April 24, 2021
I've always bought Ace bandages...until I bought these...The clips just don't work and they are cheaply made and bend really easy. These are not for me! I will find another brand. They should have stuck with the old style clips, they worked fine for all these years. Sometimes what they think of as an improvement is actually not! Some things don't need improving.
anunanoo Review from
February 1, 2021
not like it used to be
Just bought the 6 inch bandage. The material is loosely woven and very pale compared to the BD USA made ACE before 3M bought the brand. I have the originals that are about 40 years old that are still good to go. This one is made in Mexico and doesn't look like it will hold its shape for very long. I miss the orange color too.
bjones20072010 Review from
March 8, 2021
Best of reuse bandages
These bandages are higher price than most other bandages, but they can be washed and air dried. They will lose their elasticity after many uses and they get much longer. The velcro has a good gripping capacity. When rolling the bandages, make a loop in the end with the velcro and put a finger in the loop to tear loose the velcro.
Jeannon Review from
July 19, 2015
Ace Elastic Bandage with clips 3 inch
I have purchased the 4 inch and Walmart stopped selling the 4 inch so wanted to buy the 3 inch but now Walmart does not stock or sell in any way this 3 inch Ace Bandage. This is most unfortunate because Ace Bandage wraps are really the only high quality elastic bandage. The fabric holds up well and is thick enough and does not stretch out too quickly as all the other brands do. The self adhesive kinds are no good. This regular Ace brand of elastic bandage with clips is the only way to do. I have to wrap my legs every day and need four for each leg because of venous insufficiency. They act like
OldMan Review from
November 2, 2020
Elastic bandage
Had a surgical site that the doctor has used Self-Adhering Sports Wrap. Being an EMT I like this type wrap for quick and secure applications on site, but for continued reuse the elastic bandage was the better choice. Changing the dressing twice a day would have gotten expensive. Also, being able to wash and reuse is great.
Debbie1129 Review from
August 10, 2021
ace bandages are a great product until it comes to the clips. they dont hold very good at all. i am constantly loosing one. the prongs bend too easily. there has to be another way to make them not so flimsy.
Beth Review from
March 15, 2020
It Works
Not much to be said about bandages. It's a good brand. If you need a bandage, buy it. Just figure out which size / length you need for the area you plan to wrap. This is good for wrapping a knee. The only down side is the metal clips used (by this and all brands) to hold it in place tend to get lost if you are not careful. My husband loses them and then just ties it tight and tucks in the ends.
john Review from
November 13, 2020
Great bandages. The clips aren't so hot, but I always use safety pins anyways. I found the age bandages are better than those neoprene braces with velcro. They support and don't make the skin get hot and sweat like others.
PL Review from
June 21, 2022
Excellent for splinting.
Excellent for forearm splinting.the 4 inch does not roll, stays well in place, and the ends are really nicely reinforced and held well in place by the 2 clips. Very nice.
Review from
April 17, 2019
Poor packaging
I sprained my knee and needed to wrap it. When you unwrap any elastic bandage thats when you start to bandage your knee. Not with an Ace bandage. I had to unravel the entire thing and then try to wrap my knee. It was getting twisted and I ended up throwing it away and buying a knee brace. Now worth your money or time. Will never buy again
Laura Review from
June 9, 2021
A true Ace Bandage is always good
A classic Ace Bandage always does the trick. I bought this instead of a cheaper variety because some of the cheaper ones were rated poorly due to the clasps breaking. So far, so good with this one.
Cali 224 Review from
January 7, 2017
Best on market
I have a few in our home. With two kids, we all need to use one from time to time. Even if once in while it's more for hurt feelings, then needed. I love the stretch it has with the elastic, but never cuts off circulation. Holds on round area wrapped. I don't use clips w lil kids, and still holds okay for them. We reuse this product over and over. Well worth the price. Must try!
kalimantan Review from
October 4, 2021
The best
I've had damaged knees for decades, and have worn these (4" width) since 1987, permanently forestalling knee surgery. These are the best, better than other brands of elastic bandages and better than any of the self-stick types. They last forever, and are much more flexible than the fancier pull-on and wrap options. I usually substitute small safety pins for the clips, but always purchase this type anyway.
spumpkinfarm Review from
February 8, 2021
Great product!
I like the 4 inch Ace bandage. I use them everyday on my leg. I also like the elastic clips that came with them, because they last longer then the metal clips. Thanks again
Barrie Review from
June 29, 2012
ACE Brand Elastic Bandages- ALL types
I have several ACE elastic bandages; self adhesive elastic, elastic with the pins and plain elastic wraps. I absolutley LOVE all of them. I have deterioating joints, and when they act up, I wrap ACE bandages around them. Feet, ankles, wrists, hands, anywhere I need extra support. They are soft, comfortable, adjustable, versatile and REUSABLE! I havent had to buy many as they last forever! I do occasionally buy new ones, but I still keep the old, as they are still extremely durable, and washable. Love my ACE bandages!
laura Review from
June 10, 2019
Good Wrap
I wear these when doing chores on both my wrists since having carpal tunnel surgery. They last quite a while, even being washed out every night and reused the next day. The clips are much better than the old metal ones that always broke in half, but they still don't stay put. I just tuck in the end of it.
1952catmama Review from
June 3, 2016
Perfect in every way!
The width is perfect for the huge hematoma on the side of my injured leg. I need to wrap it to try to reduce the swelling & for support when my leg is vertical. Otherwise it hurts & the swelling strains the skin. The fabric is by far the most comfortable. Other wraps have caused me to itch & break out, especially the self adhesive kind. This does not lose its stretch either.
JC Review from
August 20, 2019
NOT a Pack of 3
I'm sure the bandage works well - it's a simple Ace bandage. However, the description on this item clearly states that it is a "Pack of 3." It is NOT a pack of 3. I ordered this thinking I would receive three of them, but I received one. I contacted customer service, and they gladly did a return and resent the order to me. I again received only one bandage.
amy.b Review from
April 22, 2021
This bandage has helped me so much I had a bad injury since December and I still wear it sometimes. I recommend it very much for any kind of injury that needs a bandage. It is very elastic and comes with clips.
azoz9 Review from
January 19, 2012
It really helped out
I recently used an Ace bandage with EZ clips to wrap a mysteriously injured ankle . I didn't know what I had kicked, but my heavy grocery-laden rolling backpack was my best guess. My excellent doctor guessed it was a sprain. He prescribed ice, rest, elevation and compression. Enter the handy Ace bandage. I wrapped it when active and iced it when resting. He said it may take up to 6 weeks to recover, but we did it in two. Thanks to the great Ace bandage, that was supportive, and flexible in all situations. Couldn't reccomend it any higher. Oh, and the price was nominal. I washed it and hung it
Seattle Review from
December 8, 2012
Elastic Bandages
I have used this product for decades! Sports in high school, strains and pains from various crazy adventures, the summer camping trips with all the owies. I now have M.S. and have even a greater relationship with the bandages. Lots of muscle spasms, and these elastic bandages have saved me. The are well made, perfect amount of support, lots of give too. The secure feeling helps to relax those tight or torn muscles. Washable, and wears fantastic. FIVE STARS!
Review from
January 11, 2011
Awesome Product
I sprained my ankle last March (2010) and it has never healed completely--probably because I am a middle-aged woman. After the initial injury, I tried various off-brand bandages in an attempt to save money. But essentially, I lost money, for the products were as cheaply made as their price should have indicated. Since I refused to stop exercising or running despite the discomfort, I had to find a bandage that worked. I finally bought an Ace elastic bandage and found that the purchase was well worth it. The Ace product was exceptionally supportive, alleviating most, if not all, the pain. It kep
connie.n Review from
December 24, 2017
This brand has never let me down. The bandages have great durability. They are reusable as well as washable. The keep injuries secured and protected well. They can be found in most big grocerys and sports stores. This is definitely a must have in my go bag.
oregonsdoug Review from
July 11, 2018
I expected the brand name product to be like the one I bought in the store. I found this to be flimsy. It ok ok. But not nearly as good. It was disappointing to find the lower quality within the same brand. I will buy another one locally.
Mammaw2010 Review from
May 5, 2011
That Healing Touch
I've always had weak ankles while I was growing up, so it didn't take a whole lot to sprain them. I've always depended on Ace bandages for that extra support when it's needed because I don't have time to be down with a sprained ankle. I'm up constantly running after my 14 month old grandson and stepped in a hole the Saturday before Easter. Had I not been wearing my ace bandage on my left ankle, it would have done more damage than it did. Instead of spraining it, it just made it a little bit sore. It was that healing touch of my bandage that kept from ruining the 1st Easter Egg Hunt with my onl
kyleigh.h Review from
October 19, 2015
Love ace products. I love their wraps but not the ones with the traditional clips. The Velcro ones are my favorite I find this clips not holding the bandage right enough falling off easily and I've even given myself some nasty cuts from the clips. I recommend the Velcro ones not these but ace is a great brand.
Honey Review from
August 17, 2011
Wonderfully durable and verstile
I am sure most people buy these for the obvious reasons. I also bought them ( I have 3 ) for the obvious reasons. But have come to find that they are great even after machine washing. I recently had a pain patch applied to my upper back. It lost it's sticky before I was done with it. That's when I used my Ace bandage to save the situation! I wrapped it around me and it held the patch in place very securely for the duration. I was so relieved. Pain patches aren't cheap and if it weren't for my Ace bandage, it would have went to waste! Thanks Ace for such a great and durable product!
Jay Review from
March 29, 2013
Wide ACE bandage
These have an acceptable long life. Retain elasticity very well. Hooks slowly stretch out with repeated use but still maintain the ability to work as long as your careful with them. I only wish they were a little longer. I wrap my lower legs with these and having large calfs gives little room to spare. They take well to washing and drying machines. Excellent product.
LuvsBeagles Review from
January 26, 2011
Great Support and Comfort!!
After spraining my wrist, I chose to wear the Ace Elastic Bandage with clips. The comfort of the bandage made my recovery go so smoothly. I really enjoyed having the clips on the bandage to easily adjust the bandage to my wrist size. The breathable material was so comfortable to wear and did not sweat. When I had to shower, the bandage was very easily removed and was also very easy to put back on my wrist with very little effort in adjusting it. The length of the bandage was a plus since you could wrap it around your hand, then around your wrist to give my wrist the much needed support during
Waunder Review from
September 16, 2012
Ace bandages got me through a lot in my 30 years of work. From sprained or just hurting ankles, aching knees, tennis elbow and carpel tunnel. I do not know how I could have kept working wothout the help of Ace. I also used other products from Ace from support products to cold and hot therapy products. Thanks Ace you helped a mother support her family, when she could barely move. Ace bandages do a great job at supporting an area when you have to keep moving. Thanks again and again.
DustySkies Review from
July 20, 2019
ACE Excellence as always!
Husband was very happy when this arrived! Perfect size and length. Never fail with ACE bandages. Did you know they were invented in 1914? Winning products last that long, failed products dont.
Samuel Review from
March 23, 2017
The Standard!
I have been using Ace elastic bandages for decades....ankles...knees...elbows and wrist/hands. It is the ONLY multi-use product that does the job. Every day ...over and over....I cannot overemphasize how useful and dependable these are. From extra support to emergency use...the best thing out there.
Blueeyes73 Review from
June 4, 2020
Relieve the pain with compression bandage.
After wrapping My arm or leg and moving around, the clips do not hold the bandage. I end up using safety pins. Great to wrap large areas on body. Great support.
Stevie Review from
September 30, 2010
Ace elastic bandage with clips
I use an Ace bandage daily on my knee. I have a blown ACL and my knee aches 24/7. My Dr. has prescribed lidoderm patches to help relieve the throbbing that occurs every day. I need the Ace bandage to keep the patches in place. I find that the Ace bandages hold up for a REALLY long time. They maintain their stretch and hold even with daily wear. I also wash mine regularly. I put mine in a hand wash bag to protect it and line dry. The only thing is I would take my rating down for is because of the clips. I find that they do not always stay on. In fact I did manage to lose one. I am a big fan of
kristine Review from
September 20, 2020
Love this old style of ace bandage so much more than the newer disposable types. He uses the 4 inch ace to wrap his knees under his brace and it works great.
Franny123 Review from
January 15, 2014
ACE elastic bandages for "damage control"
These all purpose bandages are very useful for any joint injury, to wrap and possibly immobilize a joint to prevent further damage. I keep a couple (different widths) in the first aid kit at home and in both cars. We take them in backpacks when we hike or when the kids go on outings. Sometimes a minor injury can be healed much quicker when wrapped for a few days.
deborah Review from
May 22, 2022
The clips do not work. They bent and got broken so I had to use tape. The bandage is actually very nice.
laura.p Review from
June 7, 2016
I originally got this to wrap my ankle and it did an ok job. For chilling around the house it was fine but for going shop and thing with a lot of movement it kept shifting. I later ended up using is to keep a Band-Aid on my knee during sports activities and at the gym and it working perfectly. Depending on the intended uses I would recommend.
EllaBelle Review from
July 16, 2016
Does what it is supposed to!
Can't go wrong with Ace Bandages. I got this for a recovering broken ankle that has been bothering me for over a year. It helps a lot. Better quality then the cheap ones. I hand wash it and it comes out fine. I will be buying a couple more to have for spares.
llexxes Review from
February 10, 2015
ACE Elastic Bandage
First and formost, Ace is a product i trust. It's affordable , And effective .used for compression, support and therapeutic heat retention to help relieve symptoms associated with strains, sprains, arthritis and muscle pain. Breathable Non Latex Containing Adjustable One Size Fits All .
SpelseyBee Review from
January 7, 2017
Perfectly Customizable for My Needs
I bought one of these a while back for an injury to my wrist when I fell outside being clumsy. It was nice to be able to wrap my arm up and have pressure only on specific spots without pressure on others where the pain would've been more intense. Great product.
YABO Review from
August 1, 2019
PhantomBrat Review from
February 28, 2018
A great product
Can't quite remember when this was purchased, but it does what I need it to. I lost the clips for it some time ago and have still managed to use it. Perhaps selling replacement clips would be advisable as sometimes they get lost or bend out of shape from use.
Suzi Review from
January 27, 2011
strap away
I've recently used Ace elastic 2" bandage with elastic closures on my elbow due to tennis/golf elbow pain. I like that the material is soft. Additionally, the clips are easy to use but, they do tend to pop off & I've already lost one. I'm glad it's beige/nude color. It's easy to get the amount of support you desire by the way you wrap it. The ends of wrap are looking bad (fraying almost) even though it's fairly new & I haven't even washed it yet....still...good value & support for the money.
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